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Morgan's Fan Encounter

Morgan had the opportunity to meet Allison Mack at WizardWorld East, held in Philidelphia May 30-31 2003, and shares her Fan Encounter with us!

My parents were taking me and my friend Becca to the convention because Becca couldn't drive all the way to Philly without getting lost. So we headed out to go pick up Becca. Becca had no idea who Allison Mack even was, she was pretty much just coming along for the trip and to go get some Placebo tickets on South Street. So after a short stretch of time where we got lost we finally made it to the convention. After we got inside we found out where Allison Mack would be signing and headed straight there to get a place in line. The line was already stretched out pretty far so we got a place. As we were standing in line I realized I had nothing for Allison to sign. Because I'm smart like that. So I panicked and me and Becca headed off into the convention to get something Smallville or AM related. It wasn't a big convention but if you've ever been to a convention before you'll know that the dealer's room is really confusing. I'm sure we passed the same T-shirt rack five times. In short although I got a present for one of my friends I still had nothing for Allison to sign. We got back in line and I noticed that some people had pictures for her to sign and I asked where they got them. Turns out those were all sold out. So we finally just decided to have her sign by her picture in the Wizard World Program. This was a much better place than previous suggestions like my bag, the memory book, or a little pass we'd made up for Ringina. Anyway we were standing in line for a long time. There were some not so nice smelling people around too. Note for the common good: if you're going to be standing in line for a convention bring perfume spray. Seriously. As we approached the front of the line someone in front of us came back with a picture and they went and got another picture for us. Then some people came up to the line selling Allison pictures so we bought two more, another one for me and one for Becca to sell on ebay.

So finally AM got there and started signing and the line was still going really slow because she was talking to people 'cuse she's a sweetie. Some other guy was signing next to her and he was just like signing away but Allison took the time to have a little conversation with everyone. I thought that was so sweet.

Okay, so it was finally time to meet Allison. The person in front of me was getting her to sign stuff so I decided to take a few pictures. I took like two pictures and then felt really weird about just randomly taking her picture. Then it was my turn to go up and meet Allison. Me and Becca went up and said hi and everything. Allison said that she loved my necklace (it was a tiny little fairy on a red choker. I love that necklace.) and I thanked her. She said that when she was little her nickname used to be tinkerbell. She was all like "I've always looked this way" which I guess means small with the blonde hair. I said it was a really cute nickname and Becca said "Oh because of the hair." Then she signed the picture. I was all nervous so I just kinda plopped it in front of her. She asked if I wanted her to make it out or personalize it or anything and I asked if she could sign it to Mojo and then had to explain to her that that was my nickname. She thought it was really cute. She asked us where we were from and I said New Jersey. Then Becca asked her to sign her picture. After that I asked her how long she was in Philly and she said only for the last day or so. I asked if she got to go around Philly while she was there but she said that she was working the whole time. I told her that that really sucked and she said she really wanted to go to the Art Museum because they had a Degras exhibit and Becca said that Degras was a good artist and Allison agreed. I pretty much pretended I knew who they were talking about.

Then I sorta unceremoniously said that I also had something to give her and gave her the book. I explained what it was and that it was full of letters to her from all her fans around the world and how much we appreciated all the hard work that she does on Smallville. She was really, really impressed with the book and kept saying that it was really awesome. She gave me a hug after I gave it to her and some dude with a huge ass camera blinded us with the flash. Then Becca finally remembered that she had the camera and asked if I could get a picture with Allison. After we took the picture it was time for us to go and she told me thanks and have a nice day and said "Bye Mojo!" which was so cute and sounded really funny too. Then me and Becca walked over to the side.

Then my parents went up to get the picture signed and the Wizard World book signed. The woman that was sitting next to her, I'm not sure it if was her mother or her friend or something, was flipping through the book. Allison signed the stuff for my parents and asked them where they were from and they said Jersey and the woman said that they had friends that lived near us. Then my mom said that they went to the con because of me and Allison said they must be really good parents. My mom told her that I thought she was great and a really good actress and Allison said that I was really nice. She said she wished she had more time to talk to me but she couldn't because of all the people that were still waiting in line. The woman was still flipping through the book and she was amazed by it and was like "Wow, these are from all over the world." She asked if I put it together myself and my mom explained how people sent in letters and stuff and I put it all in the book. Allison and her friend were really impressed. Then her friend flipped to the Bonnie and Clyde fanart by Carmen and her friend was laughing and was like "Wow, there's pictures in here too! You look like Madonna in this one." And Allison looked over and agreed that she did. Allison noticed that pictures were with Lex and my mom said something about people liking Chloe and Lex and Allison laughed and was like "hmmm". Then my parents said good bye and left and we all headed out of the convention. So Allison seemed really, really impressed by the book and I have a feeling that she'll be sending something in response to it.

Allison was so nice, I was really impressed. She was so down to earth and talking to her was just like talking to a friend. I was surprised at how genuinely surprised she was at the book and she said she's never seen anything like it before and she thought it was really great. Her friend seemed really impressed with the book too. LOL! Especially Carmen's Bonnie and Clyde art, they thought that was great. So I'm hoping that I'll get some kind of response from Allison sometime soon, considering that she has my address and email. Thanks to everyone who sent in letters for Allison, I can't tell you how much she really appreciated them. All in all it was an awesome experience and if she's ever around the area again for a con I'll be sure to go.

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