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Nirvana's Fan Encounter

My friend and I went to watch the filming of Smallville on location. It was a short shooting day for them so when they were finished filming, we saw Allison go to her trailer. So we decided to take our chance to meet her. We were walking towards her trailer and we saw her come out. She was dressed in sneakers, black track pants and a black turtle neck sweatshirt. She had a big backpack with her and she was calling someone on her cell phone. We approached her and said hi. We told her "We are huge fans of the show." She was all smiles, said "Hi!" and "Oh, I'd better turn this thing off." (her cell phone)

We then went on to tell her how much we loved her character on the show, naming the qualities of Chloe we liked. She said thanks and said "It's all acting... it's all acting..."

We asked if we could take a picture with her if she wasn't busy and she replied with a "Oh, of course, of course. I'm just waiting for Kristin, actually." She got the costuming director to take the picture. She introduced him to us and said "He's the guy that's responsible for making the clothes on the show look pretty." I told her that I really like her clothes on the show. She responded saying "Oh yeah! They're awesome, aren't they?"

While we were getting ready to take the pic she said, "I'd better get my big backpack out of the way..." We took the pic and asked for an autograph. We told her she should be on more magazine covers and she said "Pssh, yeah, I know..." My friend told her that she would write in to the magazines. YM? Rolling Stone? Allison said "I don't care... any!" Then Kristin came....

At one point Allison said to us that "Tom really likes to go home right after shooting. He leaves very fast," matter-of-factly, while we were on topic about Tom Welling. She then offered to take a pic of us with Kristin Kreuk. I said sure, if she doesn't mind... and she was like "Oh, psh, I don't care." I then asked if I could have a pic with just her and Kristin. She said sure. I took the photo. They thanked us, we thanked them, and so they left.

She left me with a great impression on her. She's kind, enthusiastic, cool and very beautiful.

Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack take time out of their
busy schedules to pose for a photo for Nirvana

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