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Kat Picson's Fan Encounter

This Allison encounter deserves a bit of background information. Craig (KryptonSite Webmaster) and I have been friends for a long time. Since I watched the Pilot, I'd been a huge fan of Chloe Sullivan, and Craig knew this. He always teases that I'm Chloe to his Pete because we're such good friends. We attended the KTLA finale party together in May and met Sam Jones III and John Schneider there. We were both hoping to see Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum, but were told they weren't coming. We were disappointed, but we were glad to chat a bit with Sam and John.

So Craig told me a few days ago that he was able to swing a pass into the TCA party. We didn't think any Smallville people would be there since it was mostly for the new shows. He raved about Ashley Scott, the pretty girl playing the Huntress in the new show "Birds of Prey." But he jokingly told me that afternoon before going to the party that if Allison showed, he would call me. He told me to stay home "just in case." But honestly, I didn't think he would run into Allison. I went out and came home around 8 p.m.

Incidentally, I was working on Chloe fanfic when I got a phone call. It was Craig. He sounded really excited and I thought he was going to tell me all about Ashley Scott. :) But here is how the beginning of the phone conversation went:

Me: Hello?
Craig: Kat?
Me: Yes.
Craig: Hold on.
A very hyper female voice: Hi, Kat! (At this point I thought I was talking to Ashley Scott.)
Me: Who's this?
Hyper girl: Allison Mack.
Me (practically hyperventilating from the shock): What? Seriously?
Allison (laughing): Yeah!

I really was not prepared to talk to Allison, so I stammered a bit and said an early happy birthday. She said that she was surprised that I remembered because her friends even forget her birthday! I told her about the birthday thread at Girl Friday, and she seemed really surprised that she had some fans. As soon as I mentioned the birthday thread, I remembered what LJC said about trying to get the name of her preferred charity, and she was really flattered that we were going to donate. (It's Make-A-Wish, because Allison has a friend with cancer whom Make-A-Wish has helped.) I told her how much I enjoyed watching Chloe and that she was my favorite character, and how Craig and I were the Pete and Chloe of the real world.

And then I really don't know the rest of what I said because I was just in shock and concentrating on breathing and stuff. Basically I think Allison and I were in mutual shock because I was a shocked fan. I do remember that she was very gracious and cool about it all, and it didn't seem that she was freaked about talking to a random fan on another fan's cell phone. She said she would check out Girl Friday and KryptonSite. Finally we wrapped it up, and Craig got back on the phone and told me he'd call back later.

When I hung up the phone I jumped around and said, "I just talked to Allison Mack! I just talked to Allison Mack!" I couldn't believe it for a long time. But I'm glad I talked to her, very thankful to Craig for being the best friend ever by remembering me and I hope I get to meet her in person someday!

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