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the cordettes

Mercedes McNab Harmony Kendall
Harmony was a sheep. A blonde bimbo without a single original thought in her head, Harmony was Cordelia's right hand Heather and head Cordette. She suffered for it at the hands of Marcie Ross (AKA the Invisible Girl), but she reaped some rewards as well, taking over the school's clique of popular rich girls when Cordy was ousted following the Xander Harris debacle and dating Cordy's former beau Devon. However good Harmony was at being a minion, she pretty much sucked at being a leader, and eventually relinquished her position to Cordelia once again before being killed by one of the Mayor's vampires during graduation.

Cordelia has only recently been informed that Harm's back among the living, so to speak.
Persia White Aura
Aura got over finding a dead guy in her locker on Buffy Summer's first day at Sunnydale High, and apparently survived high school and was still living in Sunnydale after graduation. She tracked Cordy down, calling Angel Investigations a few weeks after the office opened. Cordelia avoided her calls, not wanting any of her old friends to know was living in poverty and squalor. However, after Doyle helped her find her apartment in Silverlake, Cordelia's confidence was boosted enough to get back in contact with her.
Aphrodesia was with Aura when a corpse was discovered in Aura's locker. She thought "Buffy" was an odd name.
Lishanne was on the Sunnydale High cheerleading squad with Joy and Cordelia when she ran afoul of Catherine Madison (who at the time was possessing the body of her teenaged daughter Amy through black magic), who thought Lishanne talked too much.
Kristen Winnicki Gwen
Gwen was one of Cordelia's good friends during junior year when hunky yet non-verbal Sven the Exchange Student was staying at Chez Chase for two weeks. Gwen thought 100% Swedish Sven was kinda cute, and discovered at the Cultural Exchange bash at the Bronze that not only did he understand and speak English, he was disgusted and bewildered by the way Cordy treated him. Gwen and Sven hit it off, and spent the rest of the dance together. Gwen was also on hand at Valentine's Day Cordy's junior year to scorn Cordelia for dating Xander Harris.
Shanisse may or may not have been sporting her real hair when Cordy ditch talking to Buffy about bezoar eggs to go talk with her.
Jennie Chester Kate
Kate was planning to wear red and black to the St. Valentine's Day dance at the Bronze Cordy's junior year. She was in Mr. Baird's history class with Xander, and while under the influence of the botched spell asked him if he would like to study with her.
Amanda Wilmshurst Joy
Joy was captain of the cheerleading squad Cordelia's sophomore and junior years. She was accidentally thrown into a wall by Buffy, whom she then kicked off the squad.

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