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Dennis Pearson
After his mother buried him alive inside the wall of their home at the Pearson Arms in 1946, rather than allow him to marry his fiancée, Dennis had a rough time. However, after being freed by Cordelia, he banished his mother's ghost and then decided to stick around. Apparently he and Cordelia came to an agreement and Phantom Dennis is the best roommate a girl can have.
Elisabeth Rohm Kate Lockley
When Doyle had a vision of a terminally 80s pick-up joint called D'Oblique, the Fang Gang became embroiled in the investigation of a serial killer that preyed on young men and women who frequented the club, looking to make a connection. Angel connected with Kate, only to discover that she was an undercover cop trying to break the case. Cordy saw their relationship as rather bizarre, but so long as Angel depended on Cagney and Lacey Kate and was her friend, that meant that Cordy was along for the ride. However, after Kate's father was murdered by vamps in Wolfram & Hart's employ, Kate could no longer handle the dark side of life Angel opened her eyes to, and blamed Angel for her father's death. Cordy stood up for Angel at every turn, even when she herself doubted him. Cordy is as yet unaware of Kate's suicide attempt, or that Angel saved her—only that their friend on the force is no longer on the force.
Christian Kane Lindsey MacDonald
Lindsey may have been an evil lawyer working for the firm that cursed Cordelia with non-stop visions that almost drove her insane, but damn the boy can sing. Too bad he's taken off for good.
Stephanie Romanov Lilah Morgan
Lilah is a heartless bitch who defines the phrase "shark in nylons." As such, she and Cordelia understand one another—though there is no love lost between them, particularly after Lilah used a demon to send Cordelia false message from the PTB that almost killed her.
Daniel Dae Kim Gavin Park
Gavin transferred to Special Projects from Real Estate, and has a markedly different style than Lilah when it comes to attacking Angel Investigations.
David Herman David Nabbit
Self-made millionaire Nabbit made his first millions by designing software that allowed the blind to surf the Internet. He hired Angel Investigations to foil a blackmail scheme that involved photographs of a little indiscretion on his part involving Madame Doria's, a Bel Aire cat house that caters to humans looking for a little excitement with lovely demon ladies. Nabbit considers the AI team the only friends he has in the world aside from his D&D gaming group, and is prone to show up on their doorstep in a purple satin cape, sword in hand, ready to do battle with the forces of darkness. Cordelia seriously contemplated prostituting herself to him, when she realised how incredibly much she missed the smell of money. However, she seems to have stood fast to her principles— however poor they make her— and considers David just a nice, geeky, filthy rich friend.
Andy Hallett Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan
The Host of the Caritas karaoke bar (who goes by 'Lorne' apparently, though not much, for obvious reasons...) is an anagogic demon capable of reading individuals futures, but only while they sing. Possessed of a stunning voice as well as a stunning (as in it's so bright, it stuns) wardrobe, the Host has helped out the Fang Gang and Angel on several occasions. And despite being swishy as hell, he found Cody "Hot-o-rama! In the 'oh my sizzling loins' sense of the word, if you know what I mean." Turns out he fell through a portal into this world from a demon dimension of hunters who had no art, no music, nothing that made life worth living. He much prefers a world that has Elton John in it, thank you very much. Liek the rest of the Deathwok clan, if his head is severed from his body, he remains alive until the body is mutilated, and his head can be reattached and he's good as new again. After Conner returned from the hell-dimension, and lashewd out out the "demon" who was his nanny for the first few months of his life, Lorne departed for Las Vegas. He loves the gang, but felt that re-opening Caritas in LA once again would just be an invitation for the joint to be destroyed for a forth time. His parting gift to Angel, however, was telling the vampire that Cordelia reciprocated his feelings.
Persia White Aggie
Agnes Bellfleur is a seer's seer. A close friend of the Host, she works as a telephone psychic. She is in fact a true psychic, and helps set the Host on his Path despite his terror of returning to his home dimension, Pylea. She bears a striking resemblance to Cordy's friend Aura who found a dead guy in her locker on Buffy Summer's first day at Sunnydale High, but this appears to be pure co-incidence....
Brigid Brannagh Virginia Bryce
Ginny is the daughter of a wealthy and powerful family of wizards. Her father Magnus Bryce hired Angel to protect his daughter—ostensibly from rival businessmen, when in truth he wanted to ensure she wouldn't be killed before he had a chance to sacrifice her to the goddess Yeska at his 40th birthday party. However, unbeknownst to him, "Angel" was in fact Wesley Wyndham-Pryce masquerading as Angel, and the two fell for one another and Wes saved her life. Cordelia was jealous at first of Wes's sudden entrance into upper class L.A society as Ginny's beau, but has grown to like Ginny very much. Ginny is, in many ways, Cordelia five or ten years down the line. Wesley and Ginny broke up after he was shot and almost killed by zombie cops. Neither one really wanted to end their relationship, but at the time, it just seemed the thing to do.
Julia Lee Anne Steele
As yet, Cordy is unaware that Gunn's friend Anne (whose chosen surname 'Steele' may be a reference to the unnamed con man played by Pierce Brosnan who assumed the identity of fictitious private detective Remington Steele in the eponymous 1980s TV series) who runs The East Hills Teen Shelter on Crenshaw was part of a vampire-worshipping Goth cult back in Sunnydale while Cordy was in High School. Anne seems to have left "Chanterelle" far, far behind and after being almost killed by a demon named Ken who lured homeless teens to hell using a bogus teen shelter, Anne has devoted her life to making a safe place for kids off the street.

The shelter had been financially supported by the law firm of Wolfram & Hart, until special operations directors Lindsey MacDonald and Lilah Morgan tried to sue it to steal millions in contributions. Angel helped foil their plan and made sure the money went to the shelter, but he did it more to get back at the lawyers than to actually help the shelter. Anne, however, doesn't give a damn where the money came from or that his motives weren't pure. What's important to her is keeping East Hills running.

Anne first met Cordelia and Wesley when she went to her friend Gunn to ask for help when two kids came to her with a story of vicious cops attacking kids for no reason. Upon investigating, Wesley was shot by a zombie cop, and almost died as Gunn, Cordy, Anne and the kids had to defend the shelter from hordes of dead cops bent on eliminating the witnesses to the shooting.
Matthew James Merl
Merl was a parasite demon that snitched for Wesley, Angel, and anyone who would pay him. After being stiffed one too many times, he'd taken off for more profitable climbs, only to return to Los Angeles in time be to viciously murdered by Gunn's former crew. Alas, poor Merl.

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