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Sweet Delusions
Cordelia & Doyle: The Powers That Be
Damn the Scripts, Full Steam Ahead
Happily Never After
All the Right Reasons
The Doyle and Cordelia Files

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Closet Space by Karen
Cordy and Doyle get stuck a closet of all places.

Ducks and Silver Glass by Robyn
Doyle writes a letter

No More Coffee by Karen
Doyle muses about Cordy.

Loving Every Minute by Misty
Oz, Cordy and Doyle bond at a bar.

Love's in Our Hearts by Misty
Cordelia gets a very special Christmas wish.

A Face You Could Learn to Love by Amy
Cordelia's pov in the last few minutes of Heroes, and beyond... The mourning period. It kind of splits off there, into my version of the story.

Princess Cordelia and the Demon by Robyn the Snowshoe Hare
Princess Cordelia is captured and imprisoned in a tower, and only her true love can save her. But who the hell is it?

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