RIO PACHECO grew up next door to Starlight House, moving in when Jerrica Benton was 10. He worked as a roadie and engineer for Emmett Benton, and was close friends with tomboy Aja as well. He and Jerrica began seeing one another in high school (Out of the Past). Since he and Jerrica had been in a relationship for years and he does not wish to hurt her, he attempts to resist Jem's advances, going so far as to try and quit his job as Jem and the Holograms road manager. However, Jerrica begs him in both identities to stay, stating she cannot go on without him.

Rio has issues with secrecy and lying which are never fully explained, but it is those issues which make Jerrica reluctant to reveal her masquerade to her long-time boyfriend for fear that he will feel betrayed and made a fool. Rio has a hair-trigger temper, and is disgusted when he discovers Kimber made the same date twice with two different men. He attacks her verbally, which sparks a fight between him and Jerrica, who decides based on his behaviour that she cannot reveal her secret (Glitter and Gold).

Although extremely jealous at the time Jem spends with other men such as Johnny Deacon, Red Johnny Mack, and particularly Riot, Rio does not seem to equate his own behaviour—seeing both Jerrica and Jem romantically simultaneously—with being unfaithful. he is even more confused in Greece when he meets a stranger and immediately is drawn to her, unaware that she is Jerrica in disguise (Midsummer Night Madness). After saving her life, Rio develops a tentative friendship with Minx, bonding over his desire to build a synthesiser. However, when Minx builds it for him, they argue and she goes back to the Stingers (Change of Heart).

ERIC RAYMOND was hired by Emmett Benton to see to the day-to-day running of Starlight Music. He and a teen-aged Jerrica Benton flirted, and she used him to try and make Rio Pacheco jealous. After Benton's death, Raymond inherited half of Starlight Music and unsatisfied, took complete control of the company. During his brief tenure as CEO of Starlight, he signed the Misfits, embezzled shamelessly, and in effect ran the company into the ground (Beginning, Starbright). When Jerrica Benton regained control of the business, he appropriated several boxes of Starlight Music property, and was unaware that one of them contained the master recordings of one of Jacqui Benton's final live performances (Out of the Past).

He directed The Misfits Hit it Big, run a film studio (Starbright), run two music companies, and his fortunes have yo-yoed, going from wealthy to destitute, mainly due to his relationship with the Misfits (Rock Fashion Book). In an effort to remove himself from the position of being under Pizzazz's thumb, he bought out Harvey Gabor's shares of Misfits Music with the intention of renaming it Raymond Records. He then immediately offers Rory "Riot" Llewelyn half of the company, which is renamed Stinger Sound, in order to ensure the Stingers sign with his label (The Stingers Hit Town). However, despite his live-hate co-dependant relationship with Pizzazz, he cannot seem to rid himself of her completely. Their lives continue to come in constant contact, a fact he sometimes bemoans, and other times blesses as it offers him new opportunities to make it big (or go broke). He often treats Pizzazz like a wild and wayward daughter, with a mixture of genuine fondness and barely disguised contempt. And he perfectly happy to continue to manipulate her, if he can get something out of it.

Eric a schemer, a liar, and a manipulator out to amass money and power any way he can. However, he draws the line at murder, and even warns the Holograms when Lexa, the Regent of Mordavia, planted a bomb on stage set to go off during the Holograms command performance (The Princess and the Singer). he usually hires people such as Zipper or his pet genius, Techrat, to do his dirty work, rather than getting his own hands dirty. However, Eric also seems to have genuine admiration and respect for Techrat, referring to him as a genius (The Music Awards). Eric is obsessed with regaining control of Starlight Music, and has a rivalry with Jerrica Benton that has long since passed from professional into personal, bordering on genuine hatred on both sides (Out of the Past). He has tried gaining control of Starlight through Kimber Benton by offering her a solo recording contract, appealing to her vanity, and then finally by outright trickery through promoter Dave Daniels offering her a contract designed to force her to forfeit her Starlight Music shares if she and Stormer failed to produce a hit album (The Bands Break Up).

TECHRAT is Eric Raymond's secret weapon, whom he uses to help the Misfits and the Stingers. A genius at electronics, Techrat has a pathological loathing of being touched, except by Minx of the Stingers (That Old Houdini Magic). His inventions include a jamming device which interferes with electrical equipment ranging from blenders and amps, to Synergy and her remote projectors, a laser pistol, (The Music Awards), suits which generate a laser light show, a hovering "ufo" stage (The Jem Jam), a special effects machine designed to simulate ghostly hauntings (Trick or Techrat), electronic handcuffs and water-torture box meant to facilitate stage magic (That Old Houdini Magic), and a time machine (Journey Through Time). He is also a computer expert, able to connect to databases to find information in order to coach Eric's contestants in Richard Xanthos' treasure hunt (Treasure Hunt).

ZIPPER is Eric Raymond's number one henchman extraordinaire (or incompetent) earning his living by doing the things that Eric Raymond wants done but is far too smart to do himself. The brawn without brains, Zipper fails repeatedly in the long run of everything. Setting the tone for all following appearances, his first major act is accidentally setting fire to the original Starlight House when he was caught robbing the place in order to scare Jerrica away from Starlight Music at Eric's request (The Beginning). The one time he attempted to think for himself - skimming cash from Eric Raymond who was, coincidentally, skimming cash as well - backfired on him when he was caught by Jem and the Holograms (The World Hunger Shindig). His accent places him somewhere in the slums of New York and his customary outfit looks like it was lifted from the T-Birds of Grease fame. His exploits run the gamut from the relatively harmless such as stealing the Holograms' album (In Search of the Stolen Album) to potentially lethal such as leaving Kimber in an active volcano (Hot Time in Hawaii).

HOWARD E. SANDS is one of Hollywood's foremost producers, and a close friend of Jem. Sands sweetens the rivalry between Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits by offering a movie contract and a mansion to the winner of the contest to become the most popular musical act in the country (The Beginning). Even-tempered and firm on fair-play, he does his best to favour either band. However, when the Starlight House burns down and Jerrica appeals to him for a place to house her foster girls, he bends the rules enough to allow the Starlight Girls to stay in the mansion that is part of the prize. After that, he continues to try and maintain impartiality but he soon he treats Jem and the Holograms as his preferred winners. He introduces them to Countess Danielle DuVoisin (Disaster). There appears to be more than professional interest between him and the Countess.

ANTHONY JULIAN is introduced to Jem and the Holograms on the Countess DuVoisin's yacht by an enthusiastic Linsey Pierce. Immediately intrigued by Shana, he was more than happy to allow Jem to steer them off into a corner to discuss shooting the band's first music video (Disaster). Not only does he prove to be a talented director, aiding the Holograms in their bid to become the most popular band, but he proves to be Shana's biggest fan. He and Shana develop a close and serious relationship. Anthony offers to direct the Holograms first feature film, Starbright, foregoing a salary in order to help raise the $250,000 needed for Ba Nee's eye operation (Starbright). He supports Shana in her sideline of fashion design and when he is put in charge of a mini-series and the original designer is fired by star/producer Liz Stratton, Anthony brings Shana in to meet Stratton, earning her the empty position. After it all implodes, he remains at Shana's side and helps to bring her back into the Holograms (The Talent Search). Shana wears a gold locket containing Anthony's photo (Mardi Gras).

JEFF WRIGHT is an up-and-coming stunt man. Jeff is a natural, enthusiastic young man who first meets Jem and the Holograms on the set of Starbright (Starbright).  He is immediately charmed by Kimber and does his best to woo her, rejecting Roxy's attentions and earning the Misfit's ire.  Ironically, he fails until he reacts in automatic worry for her and rescues her from a stunt gone wrong, proving that his earnest honesty and bravery is better than any Hollywood glitz any day.  Thus he joins the Kimber Benton coterie of dates.  When Kimber double-booked a night of dating and he was confronted directly with a rival, Max Conley, a fist fight erupted and Jeff stormed away (Glitter and Gold). While working as a stunt double on Howard Sands' science fiction film he renewed his relationship with Kimber Benton. Jealous of her relationship with Sean, Jeff proposed marriage. However, when Sean Harrison's counter-proposal stopped the wedding, he and Kimber amicably called the wedding off (Hollywood Jem).

SEAN HARRISON is a teen idol in the UK. An actor/singer/variety performer along the lines of Bonnie Langford, Sean was invited to Miss Sally's World Hunger Shindig where he met Kimber Benton. Sean had a relationship with Pizzazz a year prior, when he was playing is a club in London, to meeting up with her again at the Shindig. According to Pizzazz, he used to fight all-comers, and have guts, before revamping his public image into a squeaky-clean popstar. He tells Kimber he knows nothing about horses, in order to entice her to come along with him on a trail ride. He shuns Pizzazz's advances, telling her point blank she needs to grow up, and that he would rather be with Kimber (The World Hunger Shindig).

While performing with his band in Venice Beach, Sean asked Kimber to write a song for him, angering a jealous Pizzazz who tricked him into an interview with Cool Trash magazine which quoted him out of context (Scandal). While shooting a science fiction film for Howard Sands with Jem as his costar, Sean was injured attempting to perform his own stunts and impress Kimber, who had become engaged to stunt man Jeff Wright. Sean broke up Jeff and Kimber's wedding by sending Rio as his proxy with a counter-proposal. Kimber then broke off her engagement(s), stating she was too young to get married but that when she is ready, she will marry Sean (Hollywood Jem).

CRAIG PHILLIPS is Mary "Stormer" Phillips' older brother. Craig came back to the States from Europe, where he had been playing drums professionally for some time. When Craig meets Aja Leith, the Holograms' bass guitarist, it is love at first sight. Craig initially joins the Holograms' talent search for a new drummer merely as an excuse to spend more time with Aja. Craig had been unaware of both the Misfits rivalry with the Holograms, as well as Mary's tendency to be exploited and taken for granted by the Misfits and Eric Raymond.

ANGUS BEAN (who from his accent appears to be of English descent possibly by way of New Zealand) lived as a hermit on a deserted island in the Pacific after having his heart broken. With nothing but a gramophone and a schlocky "tribal" mask, he lived in a cabin atop a mountain overlooking the ocean. When he became lonely he used his radio to attempt to contact a ship, but failed, and spent another two years on the island until the Holograms and Misfits washed up, having fallen overboard on their way to St. Thomas. Angus was immediately smitten with Stormer, calling her "Princess" and offering to show her the orchids he was growing on the island. He returned to civilisation with Stormer, but is never heard from or seen again (Island of Deception).

TERRY STONE is the co-anchor with Connie Long of California Beat, a rock music news show on Channel 81. While his co-host makes scarcastic comments about the Misfits flamboynat arrive on Venice Beach for a remote, Terry asks Pizzazz for her number (Scandal). Connie is also a dead ringer for Cindy Tucker from Beat Scene magazine who interviews Jem at the Rock Hard Café when she is meeting with Sir Hugh Ridley (Britrock).

DAVE DANIELS is a promoter who signed Kimber Benton and Mary "Stormer" Phillips to a contract with Can't Dance Music to produce a hit record. However, Can't Dance Music is owned by Eric Raymond, and Daniels was acting on the orders of Raymond, including in the contract a clause which stated if the performers failed to produce a hit, Kimber's collateral (her shares of Starlight Music) would be seized by Can't Dance Music as reparations (The Bands Break Up).

SIR HUGH RIDLEY owns the Unicorn Club in London, where the Blue Bloods are his house band. He is known for famine relief benefits, but invited Jem and the Holograms to perform at a special benefit. He later explained the benefit was being held to raise money for Mason Hawthorne to pay off his uncle's debts, so he could restore his family estate. When the Unicorn Club was destroyed by a pipebomb placed inside Craig Phillip's drum kit by thugs hired by Mason's uncle to kill him before his 21st birthday, the remainder of the money raised at the benefit was used to rebuild the club (Britrock).

RANDY JAMES is Johnny Deacon's drummer. When Johnny was invited to take part in the Jem Jam for charity, Randy was introduced to Ba Nee, an eight year old half-Vietnamese Starlight Girl who became fixated on him, believing him to be her long-lost father (The Jem Jam). Despite the fact that Randy had never been to An Loc where Be Nee was born, the two remained close, and Randy came out to visit Be Nee at Jerrica's request, when the little girl was completely despondent over being unable to be with her father (A Father Should Be).

RICHARD XANTHOS is an eccentric millionaire philanthropist with a passion for books and charity, staging elaborate charity events themed around classic literature (Treasure Hunt), or friendship and love (Danse Time). He is good friends with Howard Sands (Danse Time), and has a devoted assistant/partner named Christine, who helps him decide who will take part in his charity events (Treasure Hunt).

HARVEY GABOR spends every waking moment earning money and making deals. While nothing has suggested that he has ever done anything illegal, he certainly functions as the model of the ultimate capitalist. He dabbles in everything from music companies to oil rigs (Middle of Nowhere). In order to appease his daughter, he throws money and things at her, buying whatever she takes a fancy to at the moment: a movie studio (Starbright: Falling Star), a music studio (The Music Awards), a fashion book (The Rock Fashion Book), and so on.

Harvey befriends Kimber Benton at Christy's Stables, when the girl is thrown from a horse. He opens up to Kimber and the rest of the Holograms about his relationship with his daughter. His first instinct, upon hearing about the trouble she causes the band is to pull out his chequebook and pay for the damages. He claims to not be able to do a thing with her since her mother walked out on them years ago but it is obvious that, for all her careless ways, Pizzazz truly wants his attention far more than his money. Pizzazz feels betrayed when he flies the Holograms to Mullberry in his private jet, choosing to spend Father's Day with Kimber Benton instead of his own daughter. Kimber encourages him to try and connect with his daughter, but they argue and Harvey gives up without a fight (Father's Day).

GENERAL LLEWELYN is Riot's father. Career Army, he wanetd his son to follow in his footsteps and join the service, believing music was for "women and sissies". When Rory was discharged from the army after going AWOL to join a rock band called Nirvana, Mr Llewelyn threw him out and told him never to return. His wife Mildred became increasingly distraught over the rift between her husband and son after Riot returned from Europe, and fell ill with an undisclosed illness (most likely a heart condition). Her hospital stay actually drew the men in her life closer together, and for her sake Riot and his father are attempting to renew their relationship (Riot's Hope). Riot and Mr Llewelyn's relationship improved to the point where, not only were they speaking to one another, the General asked one of his aides to help Riot locate veterans who might possibly be the father of Starlight orphan Ba Nee (A Father Should Be).

EMMETT BENTON founded Starlight Music to support his wife, folk singer/musician Jacqui Benton's career. The couple also founded the Starlight Foundation, which administers the Starlight House Home for Foster Girls. When Jerrica and Kimber were children, the Bentons took in two foster girls, Aja Leith and Shana Elmsford, who became like daughters to Benton. Emmett was particularly close to his youngest daughter, Kimber, who shared her mother's passion for music.

Emmett was crushed when his wife, Jacqui, was killed in a plane crash in 1979. A brilliant engineer, Emmett began working on a computer to be used to re-create musical performances using life-like holograms. He named the computer "Synergy" and programmed it with the recordings and likeness of his late wife, Jacqui. However, he quickly realised that Synergy was much more than he had originally envisioned, and the potential for the holographic computer being used as a weapon was too great. Using the profits from Starlight Music, he purchased the defunct Starlight Drive-In, where he constructed the computer in secret. While working on the super computer, his health began to fail. He hired a young music executive, Eric Raymond, to manage the day-to-day operation of Starlight Music.

Before his death, he realised there was no way he would complete the patents on Synergy in time. He constructed a pair of remote holographic projectors in the form of a pair of earrings. He also purchased costumes, instruments, and a car, and had them hidden in the drive-in, and made arrangements for the earrings to be delivered to Jerrica. He willed half the company to his daughters, and half the company to partner Eric Raymond, unaware that Eric was embezzling from the company.

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