SYNERGY is a super computer designed and built by Emmett Benton. She is capable of creating complex, life-like holograms including the "Jem" hologram which Jerrica Benton uses to disguise herself. Synergy was originally designed to be used as the ultimate entertainment machine, but Benton quickly realised her potential to be misused as a weapon. Upon his death, two remote projects in the form of earrings were delivered to Jerrica Benton, along with instructions to reveal herself to the Benton sisters and their foster sisters (The Beginning). Synergy's voice and projected likeness were based on Emmett Benton's late wife Jacqui Benton, and she tries to provide Emmett's daughters with the same love and counsel a mother would (Out of the Past, Scandal). As a machine, Synergy is vulnerable to jamming signals, power loss, theft, and the constant danger of discovery. She relies on Jerrica and her sisters to keep her safe, and in return, is at their beck and call. No one outside the Benton family and Raya know of her existence, save for the President of the United States (Talent Search, The Presidential Dilemma). Eric Raymond has seen photographs of Synergy, but is unaware of what the computer can do, or where it is (Beginning).

VIVIEN "VIDEO" MONTGOMERY is a videographer introduced to Jem by Anthony Julian. She wanted to produced a documentary about the feature film "Starbright" produced by Howard Sands, and was vital in exposing Eric Raymond's incompetence as a producer and the Misfits attempts to halt production on the film by sabotage (Starbright).

Video is often shadowed by her cousin Constance Montgomery, who goes by the name "Clash". The two grew up together in the midwestern town of Mulberry, and were always fierce rivals. Video returned to Mulberry to celebrate Father's Day by making a video of children's tributes to their fathers (Father's Day).

While most of Jem and the Hologram's music videos were directed by Anthony Julian, Video directed a music video shot on location in Mexico at a Mayan Temple as part of an international video contest and a second video promoting friendship as part of a contest sponsored by philanthropist Richard (Aztec Enchantment, Danse Time).

CONSTANCE "CLASH" MONTGOMERY grew up in the picturesque Midwestern town of Mulberry, spoiled and doted on by her father, and constantly competing for attention with her cousin Vivien "Video" Montgomery (Father's Day). Clash is the Misfits biggest fan, finally meeting up with her idols on the set of Starbright. Flattered by her ardent worship, Pizzazz allows Clash to hang out with them. An often more willing participant in the Misfits' trouble-making schemes than Stormer, she is quickly accepted by Pizzazz and Roxy into their inner circle. Often employing Clash as a spy, Pizzazz puts the younger girl's talents as a mistress of disguise to use in her schemes (Starbright, One Jem Too Many). Clash told her friends and family that she is a member of the Misfits, and was humiliated and shamed when Pizzazz publicly denounced her, stating that one is either born a Misfit, or one is not (Father's Day).

Clash sees herself as her cousin Video's superior in every way, and sets out to prove it during an international music video competition. She convinces Eric Raymond and the Misfits to allow her to shoot a music video, planning on using her cousin's chosen location of newly discovered Aztec ruins in Mexico. However, when their helicopter crashes on the way to the site, they must hike to the pyramid. They end up at the wrong pyramid and film their video "Welcome To The Jungle" plagued with avalanches and animal attacks (Aztec Enchantment).

In an attempt to prove to Pizzazz and the Misfits that she is worthy to become the fifth Misfit, Clash disguised herself as a film student named Sarah who wants to film a behind the stage look at Jem and The Holograms on tour. Secretly, however, Clash is planning on filming the Holograms at their worst and compiling those clips into an embarrassing music video. Aja openly opposes allowing "Sarah" access to the shoot, however her objections are overruled by Jerrica. During the course of the shoot, Clash is chagrined to discover that unlike the Misfits, the Holograms treat "Sarah" with kindness. However, out of loyalty to the Misfits, she attempts to go through with her scheme, only to be foiled by her cousin Video and Starlight girl Krissie, who substitute a tape of embarrassing clips of the Misfits. (Video Wars).

GISELLE "DANSE" DVORAK is the daughter of a famous Yugoslavian ballerina (Homeland Heartland). Danse grew up a foster girl. She offers her thanks by volunteering at Haven House, a shelter/half-way house for runaways (The Music Awards). Dancing is her life and her livelihood and her identity (Danse Time). Introduced to Jem and the Holograms by Video when they are looking for something special for upcoming shows. Danse agreed to work with them and asked them to perform at a benefit for Haven House. When they backed out on her in deference to the music awards, though, she masked her disappointment and only quietly agreed that they must do what they must (The Music Awards). Sweet-natured and devoted to her humanitarian effort with the House, Danse was injured during the taping of a music video for the Xanthos Foundation's video charity contest. The serious damage to her leg threw her ability to ever dance again into doubt and she collapsed in on herself, losing her sense of identity and lashing out at anyone who attempts to help her. It was only through the relentlessness of a blind young man named Cisco that she managed to find the will to fight her way back, heal, and dance again (Danse Time). She travelled with Jem and the Holograms to Yugoslavia to find her family (Homeland Heartland).

LINDSEY PIERCE is the hottest video deejay in town. She introduced Jem and the Holograms to director Anthony Julian, and often tips Jerrica Benton off to new bands (The Stingers Hit Town). As a rock journalist at VTV, she regularly covers the local Los Angeles rock scene, and invited Kimber and Stormer on her programme to promote their duo act (The Bands Break Up).

HARRIET HORN is the queen barracuda of rock gossip, roasting celebrities regularly on her weekly gossip show. She is delighted by controversy, and is pleased when her victims fight back on-air. When the Misfits steal Kimber's diary and have excerpts published in Cool Trash magazine, Horn extends an invitation for the Misfits to appear on her show the same night as the Holograms (Scandal). When Jem is nominated for an Academy Award for her debut in Starbright, Horn invites her onto her show along with the other nominees, one of whom sees Jem as nothing more than a rock star pretending to be an actor, making their feud a public one (Hollywood Jem).

CONNIE LONG is the co-anchor with Terry Stone of California Beat, a rock music news show on Channel 81. While Connie makes scarcastic comments about the Misfits flamboynat arrive on Venice Beach for a remote, her co-host Terry flirts with Pizzazz (Scandal). She was also present at the launch party for the Stinger's first album (Riot's Hope).

JOANIE STUART is the comptroller of Starlight Music, and worked with Emmett Benton for years. She continues to work with his daughter, Jerrica Benton, and is considered an old family friend as well as trusted business associate. She is responsible for the financial state of the company, and stayed on even after Eric Raymond almost ran the business into the ground through embezzling and mismanagement (Starbright).

MRS BAILEY has served as housemother to the Starlight House for who-knows-how-many years (The Beginning). A motherly, sensible fixture, she cooks for the girls and tends to their daily needs. She also consults with Jerrica on the management of the house and the finances. She is not aware of either Synergy or Jerrica's secret identity as Jem.

COMTESSE DANIELLE DuVOISIN is a close personal friend of producer Howard Sands. The lively, sophisticated French fashion designer frequently takes young designers such as Shana Elmsford and Regine Cesaire under her wing.

REGINE CESAIRE is a promising young designer for the French island Martinique. A protege of Danielle DuVoisin, she is introduced to the Holograms and is thrilled to meet fellow designer Shana. However, when the Holograms find her Island-inspired designers too avant garde for their tastes, she allows herself to be wooed away by Riot and the Stingers. She briefly has an affair with Japanese designer Yaki Tori, who is also a close friend of the Stingers However, when it becomes clear that she is nothing more than a flavour of the month to Riot, she returns to the Holograms, who give in and decide to wear her designs at their next concert (Straight from the Heart).

MAEVE "ASTRAL" ELDRITCH is a stage magician and illusionist who also moonlights, debunking frauds and charlatans. When Rapture attempted to defraud a vulnerable matron by passing herself off as the reincarnation of Houdini, Astral made it her personal mission to prove Rapture was nothing but a liar and thief (That Old Houdini Magic).

CHRISTINE is Richard Xanthos' personal assistant, and was responsible for recruiting both Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits for one of the Xanthos Foundation's charity fundraisers (Treasure Hunt).

PRINCESS ADRIANA OF MORVANIA is a Jem and the Holograms fan who invited the band to perform at her coronation, which coincided with her 18th birthday. Adriana is a ringer for Kimber, which both girls discovered when Adriana ran into Kimber while fleeing the henchmen of her evil cousin, Regent Lexa, who is trying to assassinate the princess before she can inherit the throne. The girls accidentally trade places when Kimber is kidnapped by Lexa's flunkies, and the Holograms disguise Adriana as Kimber until the performance (The Princess and the Singer).

MILDRED LLEWELYN is Riot's mother. She shared her love of music with her son, teaching him to play the piano nad buying him his first accoustic guitar despite his father's protests. She became increasingly distraught over the rift between her husband and son after Riot returned from Europe, and fell ill with an undisclosed illness (most likely a heart condition). Her hospital stay actually drew the men in her life closer together, and for her sake Riot and his father are attempting to renew their relationship (Riot's Hope).

JACQUI BENTON was Emmett Benton's wife, and Jerrica and Kimber Benton's mother. Once a foster girl herself, she and her husband became foster parents and founded the Starlight Foundation and the Starlight House Home for Foster Girls. A popular folk musician, she passed her love of music on to her daughters. However, her work kept her away from home, and when she was killed in a plane crash when Jerrica and Kimber were children, her grief-stricken husband programmed his computer, Synergy, with her recordings and likeness. Eric Raymond stole the master tapes of one of Jacqui's last concerts from Starlight Music when he lost control of the business, and attempted to use them to blackmail Jerrica Benton. When Jerrica refused to give him what he wanted, he destroyed the tapes (Out of the Past).

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