RORY "RIOT" LLEWELYN grew up on US Army bases all over the world. Born with a love of music encouraged by his mother, who taught him to play the piano and bought him his first guitar, Riot's love of music was looked down upon by his father, who did not want any son of his to become a "hippy" musician. In an attempt to please his father, Riot joined the army, but went AWOL in West Germany to play guitar in a rock band called Nirvana. After being dishonourably discharged, Riot returned to Los Angeles to visit his mother, and was disowned by his father. Working odd jobs to save enough money for the plane fare, Riot returned to Germany to rejoin Nirvana. When he had a falling out with the band's leader, Riot and keyboardist Minx left the band and, with Rapture, formed the Stingers. After busking across Europe, the band made their American debut at Le Klub Kool (Riot's Hope). Both Jerrica Benton and Eric Raymond offered the Stingers a contract, but when Eric offered Riot 50% of his label, Riot accepted, and Misfits Music became Stinger Sound (The Stingers Hit Town).

Riot is arrogant, egocentric, and sees himself as perfect. Therefore, it seems only logical that Jem, whom he sees as the perfect woman, should fall for him. Unaware that she is Jerrica Benton and therefore involved with Rio Pacheco, Riot cannot understand why Jem continues to resist his advances when Rio is clearly not available. Riot uses his charm and charisma to manipulate people he sees as beneath him. Both Kimber and Jerrica are smitten by him, but are able to recognise his faults. Pizzazz, on the other hand, is completely smitten, and determined to have him, particularly once he sets his sights on Jem. Riot has no interest in Pizzazz, but treats her with cool indifference, or placating her like the child she acts in his presence (The Stingers Hit Town). However, the Holograms and Misfits remain immune to his charms and are fed up with his effect on Jem and Pizzazz respectively (The Stingers Hit Town, Midsummer Night Madness, The Day the Music Died).

Riot is very close to his fellow band members, acting towards Minx and Rapture as fond older brother, or generous benefactor. He takes his role as half-owner of Stinger Sound seriously, attending marketing meetings, and having an active voice in his career. He enjoys games, and has a cat-like attention span, capable of becoming bored with his new playthings quickly (Straight from the Heart).

INGRID "MINX" KRUGER is beautiful, and knows it. Originally from Germany, she has contempt for the "crass" Americans she meets, but relishes the glamour, money, and high profile life style she can achieve as a rock star in America (The Stingers Hit Town). Minx first met Riot when he began attending gigs in Germany, and he eventually became a guitar player in Nirvana, the band in which she played keyboards. When Riot clashed with the band's leader, Jerry, Minx and Riot set out on their own. Busking across Europe, they met Rapture and formed The Stingers (Riot's Hope). Minx worships Riot and believes he is without fault (The Stingers Hit Town, The Day the Music Died). When Riot and Jem disappeared, she briefly joined The Misfits, but returned to her own group when Riot returned (The Day the Music Died)

Minx cares about three things: The Stingers, keyboards, and Minx. She built her custom keyboard from scratch, and is obsessed with getting the best sound possible out of her equipment. She alone is the only person who Techrat seems to allow to be in his presence (That Old Houdini Magic). When Riot decides he must have Jem, Minx decides that Jem's road manager and unofficial boyfriend Rio is fair game. Minx adores the chase, and is both frustrated and thrilled to find someone who seems immune to her charms (The Stingers Hit Town, Midsummer Night's Madness, The Day The Music Died). After nearly drowning and being rescued by Rio, Minx attempts to change and do good. However, her over-zealous efforts alienate her from both the Stingers and the Holograms, and she quickly reverts to her old self (Change of Heart).

PHOEBE "RAPTURE" ASHE is the guitarist for the Stingers. A devotee of New Age philosophy, she is little more than a con artist and shyster who delights in manipulating others (The Stingers Hit Town, Midsummer Night's Madness, That Old Houdini Magic), particularly Pizzazz. She is devoted to Riot, and believes they are destined to be together (The Day the Music Died). When Riot and Jem disappeared, she briefly joined The Misfits, but returned to her own group when Riot returned (The Day the Music Died).

Although the Stingers are a success and she could want for nothing, Rapture appears to be obsessed with money. While Minx and Riot chase Rio and Jem, Rapture has no love interest other than cold hard cash. She defrauded an entire Greek village while pretending to be the Oracle of Delphi, and was only saved by Riot's quick thinking (Midsummer Night's Madness). Rapture has a great deal of knowledge about stage magician Harry Houdini, including intimate details about his life. She attempted to pass herself off as a medium channeling Houdini's spirit in order to hoodwink Mrs Farnsworth into donating her fortune to Rapture's bogus charity, but almost drowned in the process. She was rescued by Astral, who prompted her to admit her hoax to the public (That Old Houdini Magic).

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