PHYLLIS "PIZZAZZ" GABOR is the lead singer (and occasional guitarist) in the Misfits. After her parents' divorce, she and her father Harvey Gabor grew apart. Pizzazz became spoiled as instead of affection from her remaining parent, she received money. She acted out to try and gain her father's attention, and he bought her whatever she wanted to keep her from complaining. However, she would prefer to simply have his love, rather than his money. She is deeply hurt when he befriends Kimber Benton after refusing to spend Father's Day with Pizzazz (Father's Day). She hates being called Phyllis, preferring instead the moniker Pizzazz (Beginning). She had a relationship with Sean Harrison, who at the time was playing a club in London. She had not seen him for a year when the Misfits crashed Miss Sally Brand's World Hunger Shindig, and Pizzazz attempted to renew their relationship, but Sean rejected her in favour of Kimber Benton, beginning an ongoing rivalry with the younger Benton (World Hunger Shindig, Scandal, Hot Time In Hawaii, Father's Day).

Pizzazz generally treats Roxy and Stormer as minions, expecting (and usually receiving) their unconditional loyalty and support. She does not care about money per se, but craves the power, fame, and adulation she believes to be her due (Starbright). She allows groupie Clash to hang with the band because Clash's hero-worship flatters her ego, and Clash is more willing than Stormer to take part in Pizzazz and Roxy's schemes (Starbright). However, when Clash considers herself one of the Misfits, Pizzazz immediately shuts her down, informing her that you're either born a Misfit, or you're not (Father's Day). Pizzazz has no qualms about using the threat of expulsion from the band to manipulate Stormer (The Talent Search). When Stormer and Roxy leave the band, Pizzazz is convinced that they will come crawling back because they are nothing without the Misfits. However, while Roxy does return of her own volition, Pizzazz must woo Stormer back with promises of equal partnership and to be treated with respect, a promise Pizzazz makes half-heartedly (The Bands Break Up, Roxy Rumbles). At first adverse to the idea of adding a new Misfit, Pizzazz immediately bonds with Jetta, who threatens briefly to supplant Roxy at Pizzazz's right hand (Talent Show).

Pizzazz treats manager Eric Raymond as an employee, and the two usually one another with a mixture of tolerance and contempt although in Eric's case, never to Pizzazz's face if he can avoid it. Pizzazz fully expects Eric to clean up her messes, which, for the most part, he does up until he buys out Harvey Garbor's half of Misfits Music. Pizzazz becomes infatuated with Riot, who does not return her interest. Eric forces Pizzazz to choose between the Misfits and Riot, and Pizzazz chooses Riot, causing the Misfits to briefly disband. However, at Riot's behest, Pizzazz begs forgiveness and the band reforms as more of a partnership than ever before (The Stingers Hit Town).

ROXANNE "ROXY" PELLIGRINI is originally from Philadelphia. No one there ever believe she'd amount to much of anything. She enjoys causing trouble, even when that trouble borders on dangerous, such as setting off a sting of explosive charges on the set of Starbright in retaliation for Kimber flirting with stunt man Jeff Wright, on whom Roxy had set her sights (Starbright). Unlike Stormer, who is often reluctant when it comes to genuinely dangerous or hurtful stunts, Roxy eagerly follows Pizzazz's lead, often coming up with schemes on her own such as calling Shana to taunt her and undermine her confidence when she is chosen for Tony Cossini's fashion contest (In Stitches). Once Clash enters the picture, Roxy welcomes the groupie into the inner circle with few reservations, and Clash often takes Stormer's place as Roxy's cohort (Starbright).

Roxy relishes her position as Pizzazz's right hand, and feels threatened when Eric suggests they add a fourth Misfit (Talent Show). She and Jetta are at first at each others' throats (Britrock), however by the time Stingers come to town, she and Jetta seem to have reached a state of mutual tolerance and even faint affection (The Stingers Hit Town).

Functionally illiterate, Roxy got by (with Stormer's help) until her illiteracy was revealed when the Misfits were invited to introduce a segment of a video programme and Roxy flubbed reading her lines off the teleprompter. Shamed and angered, Roxy briefly left the band and when she found a winning state lottery ticket. However, she blew most of the money on a make-over, new car, and day carnival in an attempt to show up Jem and the Holograms for spoiling her homecoming (Roxy Rumbles).

MARY "STORMER" PHILLIPS is the youngest of the Misfits. Focused on making music more than just mayhem, Stormer was at first timid, shy, and allowed Roxy and Pizzazz to bully her. Her greatest fear was to be kicked out of the group, because she truly believed she was nothing without them. Pizzazz and even Roxy had no qualms about exploiting that fear. However, Stormer slowly learned to stand her ground.

Stormer is the first Misfit to leave the band (The Bands Break Up). After Pizzazz, Jetta, and Roxy belittle her and her music in a practice session, Stormer finally looses her cool and storms out. Although Pizzazz assumes the tantrum will blow over, both the Misfits and the Holograms are shocked when Stormer and Kimber begin playing at a local club called "The Scene." Over the course of more than a month, the two become close friends, and gather a following in the Los Angeles area. When Stormer helps Kimber and Jerrica keep Eric Raymond from using Kimber's solo career to take over Starlight Music, Jerrica offer Stormer a position as a sixth Hologram. However, at Roxy and Jetta's urging, Pizzazz and the Misfits ask her back. Recognising that the Misfits need her more than Jerrica does, Stormer returns to the group. However, she insists that she be treated as a partner and that the other Misfits will have to listen to what she has to say as well. She and Kimber maintain their friendship (Britrock, Journey to Shangri-La).

Mary is very close to her older brother, Craig Phillips, who is protective to the point of being over-protective where the Misfits treatment of his sister are concerned (Talent Search, Britrock). Of the Misfits, Stormer is closest to Roxy, and the only Misfit who knew that Roxy was illiterate (Roxy Rumbles). When Roxy walks out on the group, it's Stormer and Jetta who trail her, to try and bring her back. And when Ba Nee finds her father, it's Stormer who brings the Misfits to Starlight mansion for the girl's farewell party, and is most likely the instigator of the Misfit-Hologram truce called for the occasion (A Father Should Be). Love is not easy for Stormer, and she is flattered and swept off her feet when a hermit named Angus Bean asks her if she believes in love at first sight (Island of Deception). Although Angus is never seen again, he is the only man other than Craig in Stormer's life.

Although she spends a great deal of time at the Gabor mansion with the Misfits, Stormer lives in a small bungalow (Talent Search, Stingers Hit Town). When Craig comes to Los Angeles to visit her, he stays at her house. After her brief solo career, Stormer is treated as more than just an equal partner, but in many ways the heart and centre of the band. When Pizzazz falls head-over-heels for Riot, Roxy and Jetta join Stormer at her house until Pizzazz returns to them and asks to be let back into the group (Stingers Hit Town).

SHEILA "JETTA" BURNS came to the United States as sax player for a band called the Tinkerbillys. However, she quickly allowed herself to be recruited by the Misfits, dazzled by Pizzazz's wealth and a chance to join a popular American rock band. In addition to her skills as a saxophone player, she's also an accomplished pickpocket, lifting Eric's wallet with ease. She takes to the Misfits/Holograms feud right away, hiring street thugs to trash the Alonso family's nursery, in an effort to force Raya to go to Eric Raymond and reveal Jem's secret identity. However, she is found out when Raya recognises the orchid in her hair as having come from her father's nursery. Jetta quickly susses out the Misfit pecking order, and she and Roxy take an immediate dislike to one another as they vie for the top spot at Pizzazz's right hand (Talent Search). However, although Roxy is hostile towards Jetta and protests a four-way split, the band jells as a team.

Jetta follows Pizzazz's lead when it comes to picking on Stormer (The Bands Break Up). However by the time Roxy leaves the band, Jetta is just as worried as Stormer and the two team up to follow Roxy despite Pizzazz's assurances that Roxy has nowhere else to go and will return to the Misfits (Roxy Rumbles). When Pizzazz becomes obsessed with Riot, Jetta, Roxy, and Stormer are disgusted by her behaviour, allowing Rapture to make a fool of her, and mooning over Riot like a lovesick girl. They confront her and walk out on her, despite the fact that Pizzazz is the Misfits (The Stingers Hit Town).

Jetta lies constantly. To the press, to her friends, any time she mentions where she came from or what connections she has, chances are, she's trying to palm herself off as better than she is. Particularly when to comes to taking advantage of naive Americans who see all English accents--even working-class London ones--as "posh." Whether it's her close personal relationship with the Royal Family, or her own parents lands and fortunes, Jetta has a habit of engaging in hyperbole to try and make herself seem important in the other Misfits eyes, particularly Pizzazz'. While Stormer buys it hook, line, and sinker, and Roxy thinks Jetta is nothing but a fraud, Pizzazz seems amused and willing to be convinced. However, during a trip to England during which the entire Burns family are used as pawns in an attempt by Mason Hawthorne's uncle to kill his nephew and inherit his estate, Jetta is caught out in her lies regarding her background (Britrock).

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