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SUMMARY: The Holograms and the Misfits are forced to cooperate to survive when they are marooned on a deserted island.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: Another favorite episode from Season 2.

This is a Let's Abuse Stormer episode--first the poor girl almost drowns, then she's nearly gored by a pack of wild boars, and then a mad hermit is smitten with her. Come on, can't they find her a better love interest than Angus? Yeesh. It also shows both the sweet and strong sides of Stormer's personality: she collects flowers for everyone (Stormer and her flowers...), rescues Kimber from a creepy insect during the jungle trek, and along with Pizzazz, tackles Angus to the floor when he attempts to scare them.

Pizzazz is the only Misfit who insists on continuing her beef with Jerrica/Jem on the island, interestingly enough. Roxy, for her part, helps Jem build the shelter, and Stormer collects firewood while Pizzazz sits and sulks. Later in the episode, Pizzazz shouts at an absent Jerrica on the cliffside (great way to cause an avalanche, there) while the others are concerned about resting and getting to the summit of the mountain.

Misfit solidarity is on display here: when Roxy falls into the boat during the practical joke gone bad, Pizzazz and Stormer immediately try to rescue her, instead of leaving her to rot with the Holograms. Later, when Stormer is nearly gored by the boars, Roxy completely freaks, shouting advice. Even Pizzazz has her eyes open, here--when she asks the Misfits to put more wood on the fire, she's getting ready to sing, but she's also perhaps aware of the need to keep the jungle animals away (the animation shows the leaves rustling just before Pizzazz gives her order).

For the Holograms, it's amusing to watch Jerrica try to switch off with her alter ego, both on the boat and the island. Jerrica and Rio also have a very sweet "Titanic" moment, watching the sunset on deck.

Nitpicking: The Jemstar earrings and Synergy's holograms don't like water very much--they short out underwater in both this episode and in "The Rock Fashion Book," when Jem is in the aquarium pool with the orcas. She even takes them off to avoid getting them wet in the mineral baths in "Adventure in China." So why does Jem run right for the waterfall and get her hair (and ears and earrings, by default) wet?!

Speaking of Synergy...obviously her signal reaches the island, because Jerrica calls on her to project several holograms. So, when everyone is asleep, why doesn't she just give her a yell and ask her to call the Coast Guard or create a flare or something, instead of making a silly wooden arrow?

Yes, I know, if Synergy bailed them out there wouldn't be a story. Still. =)


1. Jem and the Holograms: "Set Your Sails." I really like this JatH song. It has a lovely piano intro and a dreamy feel to it. The video features the Holograms dressed as extras from The Pirates of the Caribbean, with a fantasy ship. It's good, really!

2. Misfits: "It Takes a Lot." One of the best Misfits songs, and a perfect compliment for the episode. It's not about superiority this time; it's about surviving in a tough world. The Misfits dancing in the light of the fire, the shadows on the walls and the fireflies are all really good images. The way the clip ends, with the fire dying out, is wonderful. My one gripe with this video is that they flash the title as "It Takes Alot." They don't correct this when the song is recycled in "Rock N' Roll Express" either. You'd think an editor would have caught that error!

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