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One Jem Too Many

SUMMARY: A Jem impersonator runs amok, creating all sorts of bad press for the Holograms.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: Jerrica's overworked, Jem is a first class diva, and the fans begin to turn against her. This is one of the well written episodes of Series 2/3.

The ersatz Jem--Clash, in another of her disguises--is absolutely hilarious to watch. Whether she's throwing things through plate glass windows or openly insulting her adoring public, she's a scream. The scenes in the dressing room, where she complains about hour-old food and throws a pink tutu over Roxy's head are hysterical. Really, it's beyond amusing.

Clash doesn't fess up to her desire to be an actual Misfit until "Father's Day," a few episodes down the line, but the seeds of it are visible here. Clash asks Eric if she should go onstage, and sings even after Pizzazz tells her not to. Someone wants to be a rock star, yes?

Danse gets caught up in the Holograms' dilemma, helping them chase the fake Jem to the ferry and subsequently getting stranded with them on the deserted ship. This is the first time she really seems to be included in things. Yay for Danse. =)

The theme of this episode, "Jem is Insane," will resurface several times throughout the series. Perhaps there's something behind it: it's not easy being a record company executive/foster parent to fifteen girls/fly by night rockstar. It's easy to see how Jerrica might lose it, just a little. The Holograms, for their part, seem all too willing to believe that Jerrica is losing her mind.

Technically, JemClash is right about one thing: Jem is pulling a scam, since she's a hologram. =)


1. Jem and the Holograms: "Imagine Me." Jerrica, alone in the studio, doesn't even transform into Jem before singing. It's an interesting glimpse into the mind of someone who, by all accounts, has stretched herself way too thin. It's a pity they didn't let Jerrica sing as herself more often.

2. Misfits: "Congratulations." Pizzazz takes on a gang of lifesized Jem cutouts. This song is recycled from "Starbright." It works well here, except for the fact that the rest of the bands' lines don't match the animation.

3. Jem and the Holograms: "The Real Me." This song, presented with a concert video, seems to be a throwback to the earliest days of the series. In other words, it has crisp lyrics, an engaging beat and a nice, sassy sound. Yay.

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