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SUMMARY: Jem and the Holograms go to New York to shoot a video with an avant-garde artist. Along the way, they get mixed up in a diamond smuggling operation.


This is a hilarious episode. It playfully pokes fun at the world of modern art, with several bizzarre pieces of "performance art." Fitzgerald Beck, the eccentric artist in charge of the Holograms' new video, is an engaging character dressed in true 'New York artist' fashion, down to the purple sneakers.

The Holograms are at their snarkiest in this episode. There are constant jibes against Fitzgerald, for instance. Jem gripes about Beck being late to the video shoot, and then gives him a cold greeting. The Holograms whine about every aspect of making the video. Later, they break out of a police station. Kimber's even bitchy to the press, asking them, "don't you read the headlines?" Nice, those Holograms!

"Culture Clash" marks the first--but not the last--time that Eric Raymond's interest in the Misfits seems to be waning. Consequently, their ire is directed against him, as well as the Holograms. And hell hath no fury like a Misfit scorned--they manage to uncover the diamond smuggling ring, destroy several Beck works and ruin the Holograms' concert in one blow. And who presses the button to blow up the sculptures onstage? Yes, none other than Stormer. Bad Stormer, at her worst. =)

Obligatory plot holes: The beginning of the episode shows both the Holograms and the Misfits arriving in New York. However, a little later, the Misfits are shown rehearsing at Misfits Music. The Holograms track them down there. Is MM a coast-to-coast operation, or are the Misfits based in NY?

Also, Maria shoves the holographic projection of Eric Raymond out of the way. Isn't that impossible?


Surprise, Surprise, Misfits: This is a fun romp of a video. There's Stormer-Roxy friendship on display here--the two frolic in a ball pit and Stormer wheels Roxy around. Pizzazz gets to throw a pie in Jem's face. There's an insane cackle in the middle of the song, which always makes me laugh.

I Believe in Happy Endings, JatH: A JatH ballad that is actually good, amen! The video, which seems to have been shot in Rockefeller Center, is a simple, straightforward concert clip.

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