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SUMMARY: Jetta filches Kimber's diary and leaks it to a tabloid. Chaos ensues.

GENERAL IMPRESSIONS: OOoh, that dastardly Jetta, jumping into the Misfits feet first. She hasn't been in the band for five episodes when she's causing trouble.

This is one of the best-written episodes of the season, in my opinion. There's a clear story, that doesn't involve the Misfits and Jem competing head to head. That's a nice change.

Of course, what is interesting is what Kimber has written in her diary. She isn't as harsh on the Misfits as one would think, and she's harder on her own band members than one would expect. There's a glimpse of the frustration Kimber shows throughout the series, which culminates in her rebellion in "The Bands Break Up." Most telling, to me, is the excerpt where she says she wishes Jem, and not Jerrica, was her sister sometimes. She turns to Synergy, and not Jerrica, for support in her crisis.

Synergy is fun here, too: she plays along with Kimber's Make Me a Misfit demand, and even asks, "is this another phase?" It's nice to see her saying more than "yes, Jerrica. No Jerrica. I live to make holograms just for you Jerrica!"

I'm not sure how the "Dear Diary" song is supposed to make things better on the Harriet Horne show. We already know Kimber writes in her diary when she is happy or sad. What's the point, hm? Having Sean Harrison appear is such a Jerry Springer moment, one has to love it, though.

Nitpicking, but interesting nonetheless, is how Pizzazz reacts when Sean dumps her on the floor. One would think she'd get up and knock his head in, or else let Jetta do it. Instead she just sits there and smiles, much as she will do later on in the series when Riot torments her. For someone who is supposed to be so strong, it's strange.

Another tidbit I like is how Roxy manages to trick Jetta into reading the diary for her. When Jetta offers it up, oh so helpfully, she snarls and says she can't be bothered. Of course, in hindsight, Roxy is very cleverly concealing her illiteracy. Jetta proceeds to read the entry herself. In the animation, it's clear Roxy is paying close attention.


1. Jem and the Holograms: "She Makes an Impression." For once, the repeated song video matches the original somewhat: a clothing shopping expedition. In this case, it's Raya who is in the market for a new look. Raya's such a sweet character that the music seems most appropriate.

2. Misfits: "I Love a Scandal." This is one of my favorite Misfits songs. Great beat, great melody, clever lyrics. It's a hit. The video is hilarious, has to laugh at Kimber Modeling Rags in Paris. And it's funny to see the Misfits pretending they are cast members of Starlight Express. I know. Stormer can be Dinah, the sensitive dining car. I'll cast Roxy as Ashley, the smoking car. Pizzazz gets to be Pearl the diva, and Jetta can be Buffy, the buffet car and boyfriend thief. Yep, I have lost it.

3. Jem and the Holograms: "Dear Diary." It's you, dear diary, it's true, dear diary: this song is insipid. I will chalk it up to the fact that Kimber seemed to have written it on a shoebox lid in the middle of the night.

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