Adult P/T Fiction

After Dark: All Night Alicia Set almost directly after 'Alice'. Part 1 in the After Dark series. B'Elanna and Tom make up for lost time. B'Elanna has doubts about Tom's love for her, until he shows her just how long he can last... Rated NC-17
After Hours DangerMom and Captain Chris Sequel to "Best-Laid Plans." Tom and B'Elanna spend some quality time the mess hall?? Rated NC-17.
Balance Annie M Voyager comes to the aid of a ship in distress and as a consequence a few crewmembers are invited, as honoured guests, to the aliens' homeworld. All is not what it seems however, when Paris and Torres go missing. Rated NC-17
Bedside Manner JanF A story exploring a fantasy of B'Elanna's and Tom's new responsibilities in Sickbay (not necessarily in that order). Set sometime after 'Scientific Method'. Rated NC-17
B'Elanna, B'Elanna: An Epilogue Veronica Jane Williams A short pastiche about a d'k tahg, a Klingon battle costume and a teddy bear. Rated NC-17
B'Elanna's Beach Tour Julie Evans B'Elanna has shown a preference for enjoying certain locales and activities on the holodeck after a long, hard day in Engineering. Tom has taken to refering to her recurring "theme" by a particular name... Set shortly before the beginning of the 5th season. Rated NC-17
Believing julie evans A coda story to the episode "Thirty Days". Tom meets B'Elanna for dinner as "ordered". Reflections on the previous thirty days, by Tom and B'Elanna, and by Janeway. Rated NC-17
Best-Laid Plans DangerMom and Captain Chris Paris, Torres, and a turbolift. Need we say more? Prequel to "After Hours." Rated NC-17.
Big, isn't it? Annie M Tom and B'Elanna check out their new quarters more thoroughly. Direct sequel to "Meanwhile, Back on Voyager..." Rated NC-17
Blood Fever Kristina Shelley What might have happened if Vorik hadn't interfered--and the week afterwards, beginning from "Be quiet." B'Elanna's point-of-view. Rated NC-17.
Catharsis Veronica Jane Williams Post Fifth Season. In the two years since their daughter's birth, Tom has noticed subtle changes in B'Elanna. She chooses to avoid confrontations with him, among others. It leaves him hurt and confused. Follows "Thorns and Thistles". Rated NC-17
Chutes and Ladders Birca A little AU romp that takes place after "The Chute." Tom and B'Elanna do some bonding, but then she has second thoughts, and third, and forth... Rated NC-17
The Course of True Love P. Heyes The lieutenants discover that life on a starship in the middle of nowhere has its ups and downs for two people in love. Sequel to "Daybreak." Rated NC-17.
The Courtship Fever Set after "Blood Fever." Will a stubborn Tom Paris be successful in "wooing" B'Elanna Torres, despite the obstacles in their way? This story is a prequel to my story "The Proposal." Rated NC-17.
The Courtship of B'Elanna Chris Dionne Set after "The Gift" and includes a tag to "Day of Honor." Will Voyager and her crew survive the courtship of B'Elanna? Rated NC-17.
Cruise Control ancarett An experimental navigational interface might save Voyager but begins to threaten Tom's existence. Set before "Vis a Vis" Rated NC-17
Desideratum Veronica Jane Williams Set sometime between "Threshold" and mid-fourth season. Tom Paris's attraction for B'Elanna, and his attempts to woo her, is met with constant taunting, although she is experiencing the same feelings. How he sets about coping, is really less than heroic, alienating her further. Rated NC-17
An End to the Nightmare Marleena Set in the early third season. Tom Paris is having nightmares. He decides to tell someone, but he soon regrets it when the dreams start to haunt him when he's awake. Rated NC-17
Engineer's Creed ancarett Set before "Waking Moments" How can B'Elanna balance her work responsibilities and her relationship with Tom? The answer lies in learning another interpretation of the key principles of the Starfleet engineer's creed. Rated NC-17.
FeverPitch Fever My version of "Blood Fever." Written three months before that episode actually aired. Rated NC-17.
The First Time LoTuS Our two favourite Lieutenants consummate their relationship for the first time. Rated NC-17
The Flare Fever Written in response to a challenge on the PTF mail list about Nostril Flaring of all things. Rated NC-17.
Forgotten Emotions PJinNH and Marleena Tom is kidnapped and drugged causing him to forget his past, including B'Elanna and his sons. Third in the Emotions Series. Rated NC-17
For the Moment jenn Tom considers his time with B'Elanna. Rated NC-17.
Frustrations Annie M Tom and B'Elanna are ignoring each other after an argument. They want to make up, but who's going to make the first move? Rated NC-17
Ghost Lover Marleena After an away mission goes wrong, B'Elanna is haunted. Takes place in the second season. Second in the "Haunted Voyager Series." Rated NC-17
Hidden Tracy Sobieski What Lurks in the Darkness. Sequel to "Blaze." Rated NC-17
Honor's Promise Lily "Day of Honor" sequel--what I thought happened after they faded to black. Rated NC-17
Inspiration jtd Set one month after "Day of Honor". Tom has prepared an anniversary dinner, but B'Elanna is held up in engineering. And when she finally arrives, she's in dire need of some inspiration... Rated NC-17
In the Space of Seven Days Jenn Set sometime after 30 Days. Tom learns how to practice moral compromise, and the crew learns right along with him. Rated NC-17
Into the Night Cheile A "Random Thoughts" coda. One possible answer to the question "What's in the box?" Rated NC-17.
It's Only Love Neetz An epilogue to "Revulsion." At the end of the episode (you know, the one with THE KISS), B'Elanna invited Tom to her cabin later. Did anyone maybe want to know what happened? Here's my opinion. Rated: NC-17
Journey's End Veronica Jane Williams Set mid-fifth season. The homecoming for some of the crew is not the joyous reunion they thought. Some on board relationships began to show cracks that widened. Tom and B'Elanna part ways after their return to the Alpha Quadrant. Will they overcome their problems and reunite? Rated NC-17
Lessons Chris Dionne Set after Scientific Method Seven of Nine asks B'Elanna to assist her in learning how to socialize, while they wait for Tom and Harry to come off shift. This leads to interesting times for both couples. Rated NC-17.
Log Entries J. A. Toner Set a few days after the events of "Day of Honor" and "Revulsion," B'Elanna Torres reviews her personal log entries to trace the evolution of her feelings for helmsman Tom Paris since both first arrived on Voyager. Rated NC-17.
A Matter of Trust Veronica Jane Williams Late Fourth Season: Although Tom loves B'Elanna, he still finds it difficult to trust her with aspects from his past. It places a strain on their relationship. How far can he bring himself to open that part of his life to her? Rated NC-17
The Mercenary J.A. Toner Lonely and troubled, Tom Paris is adrift after losing his Starfleet career because of the Caldik Prime incident. His life changes when he runs into his best friend from Academy days, fellow "Attitude Twin" Ro Laren, who suggests he join her in becoming a pilot for the Maquis. Pre-Voyager. Rated NC-17.
Misunderstandings Theresa Raffaele Set after Revulsion, Tom and B'Elanna get much closer, but a serious misunderstanding and minor illness causes B'Elanna's heart to be shattered. Will Tom be able to convince her of the truth? Read on and find out. Rated NC-17
Moments Tracy Sobieski First in the "Klingon Hearts" series. Set immediately after "Day of Honor" and "Revulsions". Tom and B'Elanna's first night together. Rated NC-17
Moonlight Lily A quiet late-night talk on the holodeck becomes something more. Set between "Darkling" and "Rise". NC-17
My Blood Sings to You Niomi Fill-in the blank story beginning at the end of Revulsion and adding to Day of Honor also. Rated NC-17.
New Year's Resolutions Julie Evans New Year's Eve on Voyager. Set between "Mortal Coil" and "Message in a Bottle"Rated NC-17
No Easy Answers Annie M ALTERNATE UNIVERSE version of the 5th season episode Extreme Risk. B'Elanna is taking some serious risks with her body in order to purge herself of the frustrations of loosing her former comrades in the Maquis to death and prison. Rated: NC-17
Portrait Neetz Synopsis missing. Rated NC-17.
The Price of Command NiomiP A young Tom Paris meets, loves, and looses Sue Crabtree. Rated NC-17.
Promises, Promises Danae Bowen Set after "The Muse". Tom is traumatised by B'Elanna's recent misadventure and B'Elanna must set his mind at ease. Rated NC-17.
The Proposal Fever Sequel to my story "The Courtship." Rated NC-17.
Proving Flight Dangermom Sequel to "Driven," coda for "Drive." Tom and B'Elanna are getting! Rated NC-17
Quiet jenn I have a thing for sand. Deserts, old memories, and some cheap whiskey. Angst. Set any time between Memorial and Unimatrix Zero. Rated NC-17
Quid Pro Qio Janet A. Toner When Tuvok, far from the wife to whom he is devoted, fails to control his pon farr through meditation alone, he must ask a member of the crew to become his sexual partner or die. Set in the fifth season. Rated NC-17.
Rainstorm Lily Tom teaches B'Elanna how to have fun in the rain. Sequel to "Sunrise". Rated NC-17
Reckless Diane Bellomo Sometimes commlink sex just doesn't cut it. Tom and B'Elanna risk disciplinary action when they take their behavior to the corridors in the wee hours of ship's morning. Rated NC-17.
Reflections Annie M Sequel to 'Changes'. Tom's point of view on impending fatherhood, husbandry and flying in the Delta quadrant. Rated NC-17
Rekindled Emotions Marleena and PJinNH Tom and his friends work to help him regain his memories. Follows "Forgotten Emotions." Rated NC-17
The Reluctant Vacation Juliana Set right after course Oblivion Tom and Be'lanna go on vacation, but Be'lanna isn't as happy about it as Tom would like. Rated NC-17
Renewed Interest Niomi Set before "Caretaker". Sequel to "The Price of Command". It is a dark time in the life of Tom Paris, when he meets the last person he expects on a charter expedition. Rated NC-17
Satisfaction J. A. Toner Set one year after "Revulsion." Seeing how well the interspecies love affair of B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris has been working for over a year, a love-smitten Harry Kim asks them for advice on how to obtain his own "Satisfaction" with partial-Borg Seven-of-Nine. Rated NC-17.
Scientific Curiosity PamAn We thought it would be interesting to develop certain aspects from the episode "Someone to Watch Over Me", namely Seven's researches into human mating rituals, this means there are spoilers galore. Rated NC-17
Scientific Method Niomi My take on what happened the evening at the end of "Scientific Method". Rated NC-17.
The Secret Sleepy In NJ This is the story of a relationship taking the next step... Rated NC-17.
Sentry II Chris Dionne Takes place shortly after Blood Fever and shows an alternate resolution to Tom and B'Elanna's relationship. Harry has locked Tom and B'Elanna in a holodeck, forcing them to come to terms with their feelings for each other. Will the two of them and their friends survive the experience? Continues a story by Cyndi Edwards titled "Sentry." Rated NC-17.
A Single Breath Jenn If it has to fit a timeline, lets say season six, post-Alice. Short, gentle piece from B'Elanna's perspective as Tom sleeps, among other things. Rated NC-17
Skinny Dipping J.A. Toner A short romp at the beach. Rated NC-17.
Spring Fling Julie Sequel to "Halt Turbolift." Set sometime after "One." B'Elanna's fantasy holoprogram she promised Tom in that story. Rated NC-17.
Sunrise Lily Tom and B'Elanna make a late-night holodeck date. Set after "Favorite Son". rated NC-17
Supressed Passion Kristina Shelley Takes place during "Blood Fever". What if Tom had given in when B'Elanna had said "Just let it happen"? Rated NC-17.
Sword of Honour Veronica Jane Williams Post Season 5, Alpha Quadrant. B'Elanna, while on vacation after graduating, receives some distressing news. Her mother is dying and her presence is required at her mother's deathbed. B'Elanna is distraught as she tries to come to terms with her mother dying. Sequel to With Honours. Rated NC-17
Swordplay Dangermom Set between fourth and fifth season. B'Elanna is fed up with Tom's Klingon work-out programs, and wants something new. But things don't work out quite the way she planned. Rated NC-17.
This Crazy Little
Thing Called Love
Dangermom Tag to "The Course of True Love" Rated NC-17.
Timeless Tracy Sobieski Sequel to "Beginnings" set 28 years after the birth of Tom and B'Elanna's daughter, K'Leena. This is her story. Rated NC-17
Tom's Birthday JanF B'Elanna uses the holodeck to make sure Tom has a memorable birthday, as Tom reflects on the changes in his life that B'Elanna has made. Set a few years after their marriage. Rated NC-17
Torrid Katherine Fritz Tom Paris muses on his changing relationship with B'Elanna Torres, including his view of the events of "Blood Fever." Rated NC-17.
Turbocharged ancarett Tom and B'Elanna are stuck in the turbolift, in the dark! How will they pass the time? Set after "The Killing Game." Rated NC-17
Vampire on Board Marleena Mysterious deaths plague the crew of Voyager. Third in the "Haunted Voyager Series." Rated NC-17
Wedding Night Krissy Shelley Rated NC-17.
What did I say? Riss Two months into Tom and B'Elanna's relationship, they have hit a speed bump. A simple date ends with a striking conclusion. Told from Tom's POV. Rated NC-17.
Wild Ride Sandrine's Bunch This happens sometime after Tom and B'Elanna's relationship started in Revulsion. Tom and B'Elanna make a bet on a motorcycle race. The Loser has to do what the winner says for 48 hours. Rated NC-17.
The Ways of Life Saria Set after "Day of Honour", when Voyager is captured by a strange race the crew is separated and forced into slavery, except for Tom Paris, who finds himself heir to the throne. Rated NC-17 for explicit scenes of rape and torture.
The Way You Love Me Julie Evans B'Elanna and Tom spend time together in a holoprogram created by B'Elanna. Set after the episode "11:59". Rated NC-17
What's In My Head Annie M A coda to the episode "30 Days". This story is told from five characters point of view, while Tom is in the brig and after his release. Rated: NC-17
When Her Walls Have Fallen II Danae Bowen Sequel to When Her Walls Have Fallen. Now that B'Elanna's time for thought has passed, the time for action has arrived. Rated NC-17.
With Honours Veronica Jane Williams Set in the Alpha Quadrant, post Season five. Sequel to "Looking for Miss Elizabeth". After his daughter Elizabeth was kidnapped and his father seriously injured, Tom struggles to come to terms with what happened. B'Elanna finds her attempts at healing Tom, frustrating, especially as she has to bear the brunt of his outbursts. Rated NC-17
You Know D'Alaire Pre-Voyager to end of fourth season: A prequel to Lullaby-- What if, in "Pathways," Tom and B'Elanna had spent several days on the planet after he saved her from the lake, and fell together during that time? That and the consequences of their brief union and separation are examined. Rated NC-17

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