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Lower Decks is an archive of fan fiction based on Star Trek: Voyager that centres on (in whole, or in part) the crew of the USS Voyager NC-74656 outside of the senior staff. Voyager has crew complement of approximately 150—and each and every one of those men and women has a story, or should.

What kind of a boss is B'Elanna Torres really? What did a former farmer turned freedom fighter turned conscripted Starfleet officer think of Janeway's methods? How did the former Equinox crew survive aboard Voyager? How did Naomi Wildman deal with sharing Voyager with Icheb, Rebi, Azan, and Mezoti?

If you have (or are looking for) a story about a story about Lyndsay Ballard, Noah Lessing, Celes Tal, Billy Telfer, Mortimer Harren, Vorik, Joe Carey, Sam Wildman, the Delaney sisters, Gerron, Ayala, Sue Nicoletti, Sam and Naomi Wildman, or want to read or write about the trails and travails of Graveyard shift, the brave individuals of Stellar Cartography, or that guy who worked in the Aeroponics bay making sure Neelix had green veggies for the supper table, then this is the place for you!

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