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Strange New Worlds III

by Dean Wesley Smith (Editor), John J. Ordover (Editor), Paula M. Block

From the publisher: Back by popular demand—again! Our third anthology featuring original Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager stories written by Star Trek fans, for Star Trek fans!

Each Strange New Worlds competition draws a greater response than the last. The final selections gathered here were chosen from an overwhelming number of entries by virtue of their originality and style. With wit, compassion, and an affection for all things Star Trek, these brand-new authors take us where Star Trek has never gone before.

Their tales rocket across the length and breadth of Federation time and space, from when Captain Kirk explored the galaxy on the first Starship Enterprise, through Captain Picard's U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D and Captain Sisko's Deep Space Nine, to Captain Janeway's Starship Voyager, with many more fascinating stops along the way.

Find out what happens in the Star Trek universe when fans—like you—take the helm!

Federation Travel Guide . A travel guide (in the tradition of Michelin Guides) to the twenty-fifth century features artwork taken from each of the Star Trek series and provides an inside scoop on many of the unique worlds throughout the Federation. Excellent resource for writers! Excellent Resource! Starfleet Technical Manual. Although much of the information is specific to the Enterprise, the day-to-day information, articles of the Federation, Starfleet organisation, codes, and the like should give fanfic authors plenty of research to add to the realism and details of their Voyager fiction.

Now in stores! New Worlds, New Civilisations trade hardcover, with briefings, descriptions, articles, and stunning illustrations of Star Trek planets such as Vulcan, Bajor, the Klingon Homeworld, and more! Now in stores! The Star Trek Encyclopaedia trade paperback, including 128 new pages, and updated entries up to Equinox, pt. 1. A must own for any fan fiction writer!

ORDER NOW! ORDER The Star Trek Encyclopaedia CD-ROM, including updated entries up to Equinox, pt. 1. A must own for any fan fiction writer!

Review: This four-CD package includes not only an exhaustively cross-referenced alphabetical lexicon, but also illustrated features, video clips, a comprehensive timeline, and episode guides for The Next Generation and the first five seasons of Deep Space Nine.

The CD-ROMs incorporate all the information of the printed encyclopedia in an accessible format. The text is tarted up with the now-familiar Next Generation interface, and you get ubiquitous hyperlinks, full-text searches, and the odd photo or QuickTime snippet. Even better is the Resources section, with in-depth features on subjects including Starfleet uniforms and insignia, exhaustive lists of Starbases and Trekkian food and beverages, and animated diagrams such as a blow-by-blow of the relativistic "Picard maneuver." The episode guides, which make up two of the package's four discs, are less remarkable - though you do get gossipy production notes and a QuickTime version of each episode trailer.

In a nod to the fannish origins of the Trek canon, the encyclopedia encourages you to append your own notes and essays. The authoring process is a bit crude, but it lets you create articles, complete with links to the encyclopedia and episode guides, that you can trade with your fellow Trekkies. This multimedia compendium goes all out to meet the demands - the needs - of even the most hard-core fans. - Mark Simmons, Mac Addict

ORDER the Star Trek Voyager: Equinox novelisation by Diane Carey.

Synopsis: Captain Janeway believed she commanded the only Starfleet vessel in the Delta Quadrant—until the USS Voyager came to the rescue of the USS Equinox, a battered starship besieged by a ravening horde of extradimensional predators. Helmed by Captain Rudolph Random, the Equinox has been trapped in the Delta Quadrant even longer than the Voyager and the ship and its crew show the scars of a constant struggle to survive. But Ransom and his people are hiding something as well: a shocking secret that will ultimately pit captain against captain, starship against starship, in an explosive conflict that may cost Voyager the life of her captain!

Attention European fans! PAL videos and Region 2 encoded DVDs are available from BlackStar's Star Trek Zone

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