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Title Author Description
Angel Stories Mark Childs Archivist's challenge. Set at the start of the seventh season. Sequel to 'Ashes to Ashes' and 'The Good Shepherd'. Lyndsay Ballard (re-born yet again) returns to Voyager and meets Mortimer Harren (still the same as ever). Rated PG.
Announcement Liz Barr Janeway and Chakotay make an announcement about their relationship, much to the bemusement of a group of junior officers. Rated PG-13
The Assignment Christine M. Westing Archivist's Challenge story. Set in the sixth season. Naomi Wildman interviews members of the crew about an event that occured two years prior.
B'Elanna's Revenge Dave Rogers The answer to an age-old question about holodecks. Rated PG
Best Interests Lesa L. Set after "Thirty Days." A crew member observes and reflects on her relationships with several members of the Senior Staff as she comes to a decision about her life. Rated PG-13
Borgicide Liz Barr Seven of Nine is evil. Seven of Nine must die. And if the Great Bird isn't going to answer their prayers, then a group of junior officers will just have to take matters into their own hands... Rated PG-13
Cold Hands, Cold Heart Liz Barr Susan Nicoletti and Kathryn Janeway, infatuation and music lessons. Rated R
Emotional Resonance Neetz Sequel to "Making Memories." Another view of the episode "Hunters." Ever wonder about that letter Janeway reads at the beginning? Rated PG-13
The Ensigns Rel Hannah and Emma, ensigns aboard Voayger. Love, life and leola root. Rated PG
The Ensigns- Fair Haven Rel Hannah and Emma take a trip to Fair Haven and the speculation about the captain and the commander continues... Rated PG
Eyes Wide Open Scott Taylor Set in season 5. Naomi Wildman introduces the crew to her new pet on the eve of the holodeck BBQ. Rated PG-13.
Family Ties Jeffrey Harlan Alternate Universe. Sequel to Homecoming. Dr. Marcus of the late Starship Challenger discovers evidence that her grandfather may yet be alive. Meanwhile, Harry and Annika Kim give birth to their baby on Earth. Rated PG-13
Firsts Christine M. Westing Archivist's Challenge story. Set in the sixth season of Voyager, shortly after the Borg children arrive on the ship. Naomi Wildman and Mezoti share several experiences together for the first time, including their first fight. Rated G.
Fostering J.A. Toner After the crew of Voyager rescues several children from a derelict Borg vessel, a crew member "adopted" from the Equinox learns a lesson of her own. Not every love story is a romance . . . .
Friends and Family Neetz Sequel to "Uncle Joe." Something's bothering Joe Carey and B'Elanna repays her debt while learning a little more about her friend. Rated PG-13
From a Different Perspective Sarah Set between "Revulsion" and "Scientific Method". A bunch of junior officers sit down to gossip about some of the senior staff. Rated PG
Gleamin' the Tubes Veronica Jane Williams The children are up to something on the ship. Rated G
The Guy Next Door Jennifer Lee Set shortly after "Gravity," then continues on through "Equinox." Companion story to "Field Notes." Another perspective of Seven's field study on Tom and B'Elanna. Rated PG
Higher Education Denise Set after "Endgame". Celes and Telfer, among others of the crew, took Academy level correspondence courses while on Voyager. Now they meet with the professors who have reviewed their work. Rated G.
High Noon, Too Soon LA Koehler Carey's friends find some closure. Chakotay, B'Elanna, and Michael Ayala clean out Joe's room after his memorial service. Rated PG-13
Home Again Christine M. Westing Begins sometime after "Bliss" and continues five years later. Naomi Wildman is stranded on a planet light years from Voyager and is found five years later. Can she find a way to fit in again? Rated G
If These Bottles Could Talk Katelyn Brown Sam Wildman, Joe Carey, Sue Nicoletti, Meghan and Jenny Delaney and Chell share five bottles of Burgandy and talk of Voyager, memories, friends, family and more. Rated PG
Imaginary Q Katelyn Brown Naomi Wildman meets her imaginary friend, with a secret agenda. Rated G
The Inside Story Dave Rogers What has Joe Carey been doing since the first season? Rated G
Jealousy Jamie E. Archivist's Challenge. Set in the 6th season of Voyager. Can Naomi handle not being the only child on Voyager? Rated G
Lateral Career Move Briar Rose Set after "Friendship One." Ayala answers a nagging question. Rated PG.
Lessons Learned Penny When Voyager enters the Void, Noah Lessing wonders whether his new Captain will abandon Starfleet principles the way Captain Ransom did. Rated G
Little Misfitted Sheep George Padovan Post-"Good Shepherd" coda on the thoughts of Tal, Telfer, and Harren on the aftermath of their away mission with Janeway. Rated PG.
Living with the Lie LA Koehler How does a six-year-old deal with losing herself on Quarra? Not well, it turns out. But maybe someone who's been lost before can be of help... Rated PG
Making Memories
(or A Very Carey Christmas)
Neetz Sequel to "Mars, Bars, and Vintage Cars." Christmas past brings a Christmas present for this future Christmas on the Starship Voyager. Rated PG-13
Mars, Bars and Vintage Cars Neetz Sequel to "Friends and Family." Joe Carey and Tom Paris go on a routine away mission, end up in a struggle for their lives against the forces of nature and find they have more in common that they would have thought. Rated PG-13
Matchmaker, Matchmaker Veronica Jane Williams Little Naomi sees her playmates Elizabeth and Jamie with their Daddies. She wishes she could have one to lift her up high. Her choice? Mr Carey. But will it work? Rated G
M'Ina monkee Samantha Wildman loses a baby, then receives one. Rated G.
Moving Forwards Beth Newell Archivist Challenge story. Set after "Barge of the Dead." Marla Gilmore is tyring to find her place on Voyager, when the past threatens her future. Rated PG,
Name Boadicea A nameless member of the crew finds a recording of Janeway in a private moment. Rated R
Naomi's Tears Veronica Jane Williams Naomi is distressed, and her mother has to find her first before offering her young daughter comfort. Rated G
New Directions Penny After Tom and B'Elanna's wedding, Harry has a chance encounter with Tal Celes. Rated G
One Lost, One Gained Mary S. Set after "Shattered", and refers to "Good Shepherd". The captain suffers a personal loss, but gains a friend. Rated PG-13
The Other Dynamic Duo Cassatt Set after "Friendship One". Lt. Michael Ayala prepares for his friend Lt. Joe Carey's memorial service. Rated PG
Out of Time Jeffrey Harlan Alternate Universe. A survivor of the late Starship Challenger seeks his place not only among the crew of the Voyager, but in the greater scheme of the galaxy. Rated PG
Psycho Janeway and
Backbone Chakotay
SuzVoy Set after "Equinox, pt II". Ayala has some frustrations to vent about Janeway, and Tom gives him an idea. Rated PG for mild language.
A Question of Conduct Annie M and P. L. Heyes As the crew recovers from the Tarakis incident, a startling discovery leads to a series of misunderstandings and painful repercussions. Rated NC-17
Reflection Steven of Nine Set between "Tuvix" and "Resolutions". Kes interviews Lon Suder in an attempt to reconcile her recent desire for Tuvix' death. Rated PG.
Shared Pain, Shared Joy LJC Set during the early third season. When Jenny Delaney is injured in a Kazon attack, Meghan turns to her best--and possibly only--friend Tom Paris to help her through it. Rated PG.
She Doesn't Know Chata Saladbar Set sometime before "Drive". Third Person POV: one person on Voyager is NOT happy about the romance between Lieutenant Paris and Lieutenant Torres.
Ship in a Bottle Jemima Pereira Set at the time of "Friendship One". Joe Carey writes about his model ship and his untimely death. The format is a dead letter, in which the dearly departed sends a final message to the living. Rated G
The Square Peg shayenne Episode addition to 'Good Shepherd'. After the away mission, the misfit crewman never seemed to be given a more rewarding position on board. This is Tal Celes's story. Rated PG
Starting Over Jason Race Set approximately six weeks after "Equinox, pt II." Marla Gilmore finds a friend in the form of Commander Chakotay, who helps the crewman to adjust to her new life on Voyager and be accepted, even when nobody else extends a helping hand. Rated PG
The Steep and Thorny Way LJC Archivist's Challenge story. Set after "Equinox, II." Noah Lessing reflects on his first few weeks aboard Voyager. Rated PG.
...Stronger Than Justice Briar Rose Set after "Workforce, pt II". Not every crew member was happy to return to Voyager. Sometimes in life we prefer the lie. Rated R
Thin Air Amiroque la KiTzorra Set after "Blood Fever". Anyone ever thought about how Vorik must feel after that legendary episode? Rated PG
Through the Eyes of a Child monkee Marla Gilmore talks to Naomi, three weeks after the Equinox is destroyed. Rated PG.
To Boldly Go... Salatrel Having returned to the Alpha Quadrant, Voyager's crew is welcomed home by family and friends. Rated PG.
Too Little, Too Late Lady Firebird Set about three years after "Equinox, Part II". Chakotay has found someone a little more receptive to his attention how does Janeway handle it? Rated PG
Trust No Glass LJC Set after "Blood Fever." B'Elanna and Meg Delaney square off. Sequel to "Shared Pain, Shared Joy." Rated PG.
Tying The Threads The Finale Fixit Group Set immediately, post "Endgame". What happened to the Maquis, Sam and Naomi Wildman, Icheb, Tal Celes, Mortimer Harren, Gerron, the Delaney sisters, Vorick, Marla Gilmore, Renlay Sharr, Mike Ayala, Joe Carey's widow Sarah... and of course, the bridge crew, Kathryn and Chakotay, and Voyager herself. Rated PG-13
Uncle Joe Neetz B'Elanna suffers some unexpected side-effects from an allergic reaction... and it could prove more than Joe Carey can deal with! Rated PG-13
Under the Bamboo Tree Veronica Jane Williams Joe is still trying hard to woo Sam Wildman, but she is still wary of committing herself to a new relationship. Naomi tries to get her mom to take notice of Joe Carey. Sequel to "Matchmaker, Matchmaker." Rated G

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