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1) How did you first hear about this site?
    AOL's Star Trek: Voyager boards
    AOL's Joe Carey board
    AOL's Vorik board
    Usenet newsgroup (alt.startrek.creative, rec.arts.startrek.current, etc.)
    Search Engine
    Mailing List
    Other fan site
    Message Board


2) What was your first impression of this site?

Have you revised your opinion since?

3) Please rate the nagivation (how easy is it to find what you want on this site)
    10 - Incredibly easy to find what I wanted.
    9 - Very easy to find what I wanted.
    8 - Easy to find what I wanted.
    7 - Took a bit of searching to find what I wanted.
    6 - Took several tries to find what I wanted.
    5 - Took slightly longer than it should have to find what I wanted.
    4 - Took much longer than it should have to find what I wanted.
    3 - Took more than one trip to the site to find what I wanted.
    2 - Got lost finding what I wanted.
    1 - Impossible to find what I wanted.

4) What do you primarily come to this site for?
    Star Trek writer's resources
    Lower Decks fan fiction
    Crew Manifest
    Lower Decks Cast News
    romance fan fiction
    general fan fiction
    humourous fan fiction
    dramatic fan fiction
    One specific author's fanfic:
    Message Boards

5) How often do you visit this site?
    Once a month
    Once a week
    Once a day
    Several times a day
    Every hour

6) How do you get here?
      Which page do you have bookmarked?
      Splash page (index.html)
      Index (index2.html)
      Recent Additions (recent.html)
      Message Board

    Search engine:
    Other fan website:

7) Have you ever used the search engine? Yes No
    How useful would you rate it?
      Very useful
      Not at all useful
      You have a search engine?

8) As a fan, do you consider yourself more a fan of:
    The series itself
    Genre television in general
    Specific recurring character/guest star:
    Fan fiction

9) How would you rate this site in relation to other fan sites?

    The best
    One of the best
    Seen better
    Seen much better
    Not even close to my fave fan site
    Dude, you totally suck! My 9 year old could do better!
    No opinion

10) What suggestions would you make to improve this site? (Please note that your loony archivist can neither improve the quality nor the quantity of the submissions.)
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