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Title Author Description
The Square Peg shayenne Episode addition to 'Good Shepherd'. After the away mission, the misfit crewman never seemed to be given a more rewarding position on board. This is Tal Celes's story. Rated PG
Tying The Threads The Finale Fixit Group Set immediately, post "Endgame". What happened to the Maquis, Sam and Naomi Wildman, Icheb, Tal Celes, Mortimer Harren, Gerron, the Delaney sisters, Vorick, Marla Gilmore, Renlay Sharr, Mike Ayala, Joe Carey's widow Sarah... and of course, the bridge crew, Kathryn and Chakotay, and Voyager herself. Rated PG-13
Lateral Career Move Briar Rose Set after "Friendship One." Ayala answers a nagging question. Rated PG.
Higher Education Denise Set after "Endgame". Celes and Telfer, among others of the crew, took Academy level correspondence courses while on Voyager. Now they meet with the professors who have reviewed their work. Rated G.
A Question of Conduct Annie M and P. L. Heyes As the crew recovers from the Tarakis incident, a startling discovery leads to a series of misunderstandings and painful repercussions. Rated NC-17
She Doesn't Know Chata Saladbar Set sometime before "Drive." One person on Voyager is NOT happy about the romance between Lieutenant Paris and Lieutenant Torres.
To Boldly Go... Salatrel Having returned to the Alpha Quadrant, Voyager's crew is welcomed home by family and friends. Rated PG.
Borgicide Liz Barr Seven of Nine is evil. Seven of Nine must die. And if the Great Bird isn't going to answer their prayers, then a group of junior officers will just have to take matters into their own hands... Rated PG-13
Cold Hands, Cold Heart Liz Barr Susan Nicoletti and Kathryn Janeway, infatuation and music lessons. Rated R
One Lost, One Gained Mary S. Set after "Shattered", and refers to "Good Shepherd". The captain suffers a personal loss, but gains a friend. Rated PG-13
Living with the Lie LA Koehler How does a six-year-old deal with losing herself on Quarra? Not well, it turns out. But maybe someone who's been lost before can be of help... Rated PG
Ship in a Bottle Jemima Pereira Set at the time of "Friendship One". Joe Carey writes about his model ship and his untimely death. The format is a dead letter, in which the dearly departed sends a final message to the living. Rated G
High Noon, Too Soon LA Koehler Carey's friends find some closure. Chakotay, B'Elanna, and Michael Ayala clean out Joe's room after his memorial service. Rated PG-13
The Ensigns Rel Hannah and Emma, ensigns aboard Voayger. Love, life and leola root. Rated PG
The Ensigns- Fair Haven Rel Hannah and Emma take a trip to Fair Haven and the speculation about the captain and the commander continues... Rated PG
If These Bottles Could Talk Katelyn Brown Sam Wildman, Joe Carey, Sue Nicoletti, Meghan and Jenny Delaney and Chell share five bottles of Burgandy and talk of Voyager, memories, friends, family and more. Rated PG
The Other Dynamic Duo Cassatt Set after "Friendship One". Lt. Michael Ayala prepares for his friend Lt. Joe Carey's memorial service. Rated PG
Matchmaking Liz Barr A group of junior officers meet to discuss their ongoing attempts to get Janeway and Chakotay together. Rated PG-13
A Minor Discipline Problem Liz Barr Captain Janeway makes a discovery, and someone will have to pay. Set some time before "The Haunting of Deck 12". Sequel to "Matchmaking". Rated PG-13
New Directions Penny After Tom and B'Elanna's wedding, Harry has a chance encounter with Tal Celes. Rated G
Lessons Learned Penny When Voyager enters the Void, Noah Lessing wonders whether his new Captain will abandon Starfleet principles the way Captain Ransom did. Rated G
Imaginary Q Katelyn Brown Naomi Wildman meets her imaginary friend, with a secret agenda. Rated G
...Stronger Than Justice Briar Rose Set after "Workforce, pt II". Not every crew member was happy to return to Voyager. Sometimes in life we prefer the lie. Rated R
Starting Over Jason Race Set approximately six weeks after "Equinox, pt II." Marla Gilmore finds a friend in the form of Commander Chakotay, who helps the crewman to adjust to her new life on Voyager and be accepted, even when nobody else extends a helping hand. Rated PG
Fostering J.A. Toner After the crew of Voyager rescues several children from a derelict Borg vessel, a crew member "adopted" from the Equinox learns a lesson of her own. Not every love story is a romance . . . .
Announcement Liz Barr Janeway and Chakotay make an announcement about their relationship, much to the bemusement of a group of junior officers. Rated PG-13
M'Ina monkee Samantha Wildman loses a baby, then receives one. Rated G.

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