Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

character/actor pages

The following are characters who have been heavily featured in Voyager fan fiction, are recurring characters on the programme, or characters who have caught the particular interest of the fans.

Joe Carey
(Josh Clark)

(Tarik Ergin)

(Alex Enberg)

The Wildmans
(Nancy Hower and
Scarlett Pomers)

(Martha Hackett)

Noah Lessing
(Rick Worthy)

Marla Gilmore
(Olivia Birkelund)

Lyndsay Ballard
(Kim Rhodes)

(Jad Mager)

Lon Sudor
(Brad Dourif)

(Derek McGrath)

(Kenny Morrison)

Celes Tal
(Zoe McLellan)

Mortimer Harren
(Jay Underwood)

William Telfer
(Michael Reisz)

The Delaney Sisters
(Heidi and Alissa Kramer)

Borg Children
(Manu Intiraymi, Marley McLean,
and Kurt & Cody Wetherill)
All bios on these pages are—unless otherwise noted—unique to this website and are
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