Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Mortimer Harren (Jay Underwood)

Jay Underwood appeared in Good Shepherd as Crewman Mortimer Harren.

Born October 1, 1968, Underwood is best known for his role as autistic Eric Gibb in The Boy Who Could Fly, and also starred as Chip Carson in Not Quite Human and Still Not Quite Human with Alan Thicke, as well as featured and starring roels in Uncle Buck, The Fantastic Four, The Invisible Kid, Desert Bloom, and Stalked. Underwood also had a co-starring role as Tim Darnell in the small independent film Valerie Flake. On television, he had a recurring role as Ernest Hemingway in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and has guest starred on series such as Millenium and The West Wing and recently appeared in the biopic And the Beat Goes On.

Mortimer Harren grew up on Vico Five, which is said to have the "wildest sky in the Alpha Quadrant." A loner, he has no friends aboard the ship and really doesn't want to be there. Torres assignment him to Junction Room 16, Deck 15 because any time she attempted to give him more responsibility, he refused to do the work. A cosmologist interested in pure theory with five advanced degrees in theoretical cosmology, he accepted a post aboard Voyager to get one year of practical experience so that the could get into the Institute Of Cosmology on Orion One. Harren is abrasive, angry, as well as insubbordinate. However, he was willing to sacrifice his life in order to save Captain Janeway, Celes, and Telfer on Stardate 53764.3 when they were attacked by a dark matter alien he had theorised existed, but was unprepared to meet.

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