Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks


The author of this site would like to acknowledge and recognise the people without whom this site would not exist:

The team at Rollcall: The Minor Crewmembers of Voyager (Steve McKinnon, Jamie McQuinn) for giving me the much-needed head start on the crew manifest. I could not have provided this section without the massive amount of data and images they amassed and catalogued during the first five years of Voyager.

Ronald Wilkerson & Jean Louise Matthias, the writers of both TNG's Lower Decks and VOY's Learning Curve, which provided the inspiration for this website and many of the stories herein.

Jim Wright, upon on whose reviews I rely heavily when updating entries and writing character biographies (and plus he's a nifty peachy keen guy).

Neetz, for the encouragement as well as permission to archive her excellent Carey On series.

The denizens of the various Usenet Trek newsgroups, for great help in putting together the rank and insignia page, particularly the section on the Maquis.

Terry Miles for the BEST screengrabs in the universe of the Equinox Five and Celes Tal.

Fred, for stunning screencaps from Good Shepherd and the stunning headshot of Zoe McLellan. To see more screen captures of Zoe McLellan as Celes Tal, check out his Zoe McLellan Fan Page.

Kenny Morrison, for the best picture of Gerron in existence, and for putting up with me for two weeks via e-mail. Likewise, for permission to use their image of the Kramer twins.

Michael Reisz, for being generous with his time and recollections, articulate, and just so damned nice it cannot be believed.

Gary Schwartz of The Spolin Centre for the headshot of Derek McGrath (Chell).

The Belgarath Silverthorn Star Trek Domain for the deck breakdown!

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