Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

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Scarlett Pomers's (Naomi Wildman) new half hour comedy, Reba will premiere September 14 on the WB—three weeks earier than the original debut date! For more information, check out Warner Bros. Offical Reba Site. Scarlett will also appear as Suzy Austin in the Disney Channel adaptation of Ring of Endless Light, premiering on the Disney cable channel in November, 2001. Based on the beloved children's novel by Madeline L'Engle, Ring of Endless Light tells the story of Vicky, a 16-year-old girl who discovers she has an exceptional ability to communicate with dolphins.

Michael Reisz (Billy Telfer, Good Shepherd) can be heard voicing Colin Weasler in The Mummy: The Animated Series, which will premiere on Kids WB September 15, 2001.
Kenny Morrison's (Gerron, Learning Curve) won Best Actor at this year's Method Fest Film Festival, and his short film, Bobby Starr was nominated for Best Short. Congrats, Kenny, on your nominations and win!

Attention San Francisco area fans! Bobby Starr will be screening at the San Francisco Indie Fest's The Digital Underground Saturday, July 28th at 5:00pm PST. The festival screens at Zeum, 221 Fourth Street at Howard. Tickets are $7.50, Advance tickets are available with no service charge at and through TicketMaster by calling 415.421.TIXS.

Zoe McLellan (Celes Tal, Good Shepherd) chatted online at, Tuesday, December 5 at 9PM ET. Read a transcript of the chat. Michael Reisz (Billy Telfer, Good Shepherd) chats with fans about Voyager, voice-acting, and what to eat for breakfast in the Paramount commissary... Read the full interview, Janeway Had A Little Lamb

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