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Added Tying the Threads and The Square Peg to the archive. Tying The Threads is a little unusual for this archive, as it is a round robin novel, but since over half of it deals directly with the lower decks crew, it is included. However, the archivist would like to remind all would-be contributors ot this site that a story must center on or contain a significant portion dealy directly with the the crew outside the senior staff to be elligible for addition to this archive. As there has been some confusion on this point of late, I thought it wise to remind folks!

Added Lateral Career Move to the archive.

I am pleased to announce that this site has been awarded Ex Astris Scientia EAE Award for September 2001.

From Bernd Schneider, webmaster of Ex Astris Scientia:

I am pleased to award Star Trek Voyager - Lower Decks with the EAE Award for September 2001. Congratulations for a fantastic Star Trek site!

"They also serve" is the motto to this unusual Voyager fan site which cares about the men and women who are usually not in the focus of interest in the TV show. From the ubiquitous Lt. Ayala to the many crew members who appeared only once and vanished without a trace, here is the place where they get their deserved attention. The site is centered around a large archive of fan fiction, and besides the fan fiction itself, it hosts a complete list of crew members, ship specs, the Maquis, maps, ranks - everything an aspiring author needs. Some features are of particular interest and, as far as I know, unique on the web. The "Archivist's Challenge", for instance, is a contest of supplementing character bios with fictional stories. There are exhaustive and strict guidelines for writers, to preserve a high quality and consistency of the fan fiction. Almost no need to mention that the site has an FAQ, a message board and a survey too. The design of Star Trek Voyager - Lower Decks relies on few graphics and a consistent font and color scheme. It is definitely a nice contrast to the many flashy designs that too often suffer from too little content. Now that Voyager is over on screen, I hope that fans will continue to care about this series which once again extended the Final Frontier, and here is one especially interesting place to go.

Updated the cast news with the new premiere date for Scarlett (Naomi Wildman) Pomer's new series, Reba, and her role in the upcoming Disney Channel film, Ring of Endless Light, and the preimeire date for Michael Reisz (Billy Telfer, Good Shepherd) new animated series, The Mummy. Also, due to a form error, no crew additions/corrections have been received since July. If you have sent in a crew addition or correction, please resend your information for it to be included in the crew manifest.

Added a new archivist's spotlight.

Added Higher Education to the archive.

Added Andrews to the crew manifest.

Added a "deck by deck" section to life on board, thanks to The Belgarath Silverthorn Star Trek Domain.

After almost two years of mentally debating it, I finally added Lt. Stadi, Lt. Cmdr. Cavit, and Dr. Fitzgerald to the crew manifest. These were identified senior staff officers killed when the Caretaker's array threw Voyager into the Delta Quadrant. This archive will now also be accepting fiction about these characters. So if you have a story, please by all means, submit it!

Added A Question of Conduct to the archive.

Added a site survey. Please take a few minuets to fill it out, and help us improve this website!

Added She Doesn't Know, a lovely vignette about Tom Paris from Meg Delaney's POV, to the archive. Reorganised the archive a bit, so that the stories are now all archived properly in their very own directory. Also added a search function, so you can do full text searches, to make finding a story or information easier. It also means that all broken links have been tracked down!

Added To Boldly Go..., a Vorik romance which also features a nice chunk of Tabor, to the archive.

Updated the cast news with info on Kenny Morrison's short film, Bobby Starr screening in San Francisco this week-end!

Added new cast/character bios for Ayala, Chell, Suder, and Tabor, and updated entries for the Wildmans, Ballard, Lessing and Gilmore.

I've been tweaking the crew manifest. I've fixed some HTML and formatting errors, as well as made some small updates to existing entries, and now rather than scrolling down to the table of episode codes, you can click on Appearances to launch a pop-up window containing the titles and codes.

Archived the updates from the 1999-2000. Added new sections, courtesy of the newsgroups, stardates, and science.

Added a new Archivist's Challenge.

Added Liz Barr's silly, silly Borgicide, to the archive. If you've ever had a beef with Seven of Nine (or for that matter, drooled over David Boreanaz in a towel) feel free to indulge.

Added a new story, Cold Hands, Cold Heart, to the archive.

Added a new story, One Lost, One Gained, to the archive.

Updated the crew manifest entries for Vorik, so that it is current up through Renaissance Man.

Added a new story to the archive. Modified the crew addition/correction form to include a pop-up list of episode titles and codes. Please read the crew manifest carefully to make sure that you are not submitting redundant corrections/additions. More importantly, before you use this form to add a new crewmember, be sure to check the crew manifest first to make certain that the crewmember in question does not already have an entry! 90% of all crew addition forms cover existing entries, so this is very important to save both you, and the archivist precious time.

Updated the crew manifest entries for Chell and Naomi Wildman, and added an entry for Miral Paris, so that they are current up through Endgame. Added a new Archivist's Challenge.

Added a new story to the archive.

Added a new feature to the archive: Archivist's Spotlight. Each spotlight will focus on a different fan author who has her or his fiction archived here at Lower Decks. Our first author to be spotlighted is monkee. Have an author you would like to see in the spotlight? email us!

Added three new stories to the archive. Lower Decks has been chosen by the Star Trek Dimension to be the "Star Trek discovery of the week" (Apr 30th to May 6th, 2001), a mark of honor only the most creative and unique Trek sites receive. I would like to thank webmaster Christian Rühl for this honour, and recommend everyone check out Star Trek Dimension.

Added a new story to the archive. Updated the character bio and crew manifest entry for Seska to be current up through the events of Shattered.

Added a new story to the archive.

Updated the entry for Joe Carey so that it is current up through Friendship One. Added three new stories to the archive and updated the crew manifest entry for Icheb to bring it current with Q2, and added new and updated photos for Brooks, Celes, Chapman, Gilmore, Harren, Jetal, Renlay, Seska, Telfer, Vorik, and Sam and Naomi Wildman.

Added two new stories to the archive and updated the crew manifest with information from Workforce, I & II. Added a new Archivist's Challenge after being inspired by Briar Rose's story, ...Stronger Than Justice.

Added a new story to the archive.

Added a new story to the archive.

I am pleased to announce that this site has been awarded The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae's Explosive Site Award

Added J.A. Toner's lovely Marla Gilmore story, Fostering, to the archive. Thanks to the new style sheets, I continue to discover HTML errors daily, and continue to tweak the site's pages. I appreciate your patience! Hopefully the site will be up-to-date and bug-free soon.

Added a new story to the archive.

Added monkee's beautiful Sam Wildman story, M'Ina, to the archive. Also, I have added all new message boards to the site, with boards for questions, discussion, website feedback, as well as popular recurring characters like the Wildmans, the Equinox Five, Seska, and more!

Added a page on the history of the Maquis, along with a current list of Maquis aboard Voyager.

Updated the crew manifest with the late Ensign Kaplan's first name, as well as the titles and codes for the first seventeen episodes of season 7.

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