Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Chell (Derek McGrath)

Derek McGrath photo courtesy of The Spolin Centre
Derek McGrath appeared in Learning Curve and Repression as the Maquis crewman Chell. An Ontario native, McGrath began performing at the tender age of 10, and had a successful stage, film, and television career in Toronto and was a prominent member of Second City before emigrating to Los Angeles in the 1983. In addition to a recurring role on Voyager, he has also appeared in the interactive CD-ROM game Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. He is best known to American audiences as Andy Andy from Cheers, and Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate on the syndicated sci-fi young adult series My Secret Identity alongside co-star Jerry O'Connell. O'Connell cites McGrath as a major influence from age 15 to 18 when the series was shot. "Working with Derek on My Secret Identity in Toronto were three of the best years of my life. We had so much fun on that show," O'Connell remembered in an 1996 interview witht eh Calgary Sun. McGrath also appeared as Dr. Derek in the short-lived Billy Ray Cyrus vehicle Doc, which aired on PAX network in the United States.

Chell is a talkative Bolian member of the Maquis, and along with Henley, Dalby, and Gerron, took part in Starfleet "boot camp" run by Lt. Tuvok to attempt to teach the former resistance fighters how to conduct themselves in a manner fitting Starfleet officers. Cehll, who couldn't get his mouth under control, was ordered to run 50 laps aroudn the cargo bay. In protest, the rest fo the Maquis walked out of the field trainign excercise. They however continued and presumably passed the course after Tuvok saved Gerron's life.

Chell is paranoid and perfectly willing to believe the worst of his fellow crewmates. When the Maquis crew where paired up in an effort to use the buddy system to prevent further attacks by an unknown assailant on stardate 54167, Chell was partnered with Torres.

On Stardate 54973.4, Chell put in a request to replace Neelix as mess hall chef, following the Talaxian's departure. This was potentially disasterous, as Bolians have a tongue with a cartilaginous lining that can withstand acids that would kill a human. Presumably, the request was never put through, as the ship returned to the Alpha Quadrant within forty-eight hours of the request.

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