Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks


From Bernd Schneider, webmaster of Ex Astris Scientia:

I am pleased to award Star Trek Voyager - Lower Decks with the EAE Award for September 2001. Congratulations for a fantastic Star Trek site!

"They also serve" is the motto to this unusual Voyager fan site which cares about the men and women who are usually not in the focus of interest in the TV show. From the ubiquitous Lt. Ayala to the many crew members who appeared only once and vanished without a trace, here is the place where they get their deserved attention. The site is centered around a large archive of fan fiction, and besides the fan fiction itself, it hosts a complete list of crew members, ship specs, the Maquis, maps, ranks - everything an aspiring author needs. Some features are of particular interest and, as far as I know, unique on the web. The "Archivist's Challenge", for instance, is a contest of supplementing character bios with fictional stories. There are exhaustive and strict guidelines for writers, to preserve a high quality and consistency of the fan fiction. Almost no need to mention that the site has an FAQ, a message board and a survey too. The design of Star Trek Voyager - Lower Decks relies on few graphics and a consistent font and color scheme. It is definitely a nice contrast to the many flashy designs that too often suffer from too little content. Now that Voyager is over on screen, I hope that fans will continue to care about this series which once again extended the Final Frontier, and here is one especially interesting place to go.

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