Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Marla Gilmore (Olivia Birkelund)

Images courtesy of Terry Miles
Olivia Birkelund appeared in Equinox I & II as Marla Gilmore. Birkelund is perhaps best-known for her three year recurring role as alcoholic Arlene Vaughan on All My Children. In addition to a number of guest-starring roles on series such as Homicide, and Law & Order, Birkelund had a featured role in the Patrick Swayze film Letters From a Killer. The film has yet to be released in North America, and was plagued by production delays as Swayze broke both legs during filming. Birkelund has also appeared in a number of made-for-tv movies, and series since 1990.

Marla Gilmore was an engineer's mate aboard the Equinox and held the rank of Ensign on that ship. Deeply traumatised by her experiences, she had panic attacks when she attempted to use the turbolift, and preferred to take the Jefferies Tubes (which is not true claustrophobia—as the jefferies tubes are even tighter quarters than the lift). Gilmore wanted to remain on Voyager despite the fact that had the Equinox continued to sue the nucleogenic lifeforms for fuel, she would have been back in the Alpha Quadrant within the year. She expressed this desire to Chakotay, and seemed both shamed and afraid when Chakotay mentioned that her Captain might not appreciate her defection. However, when Burke mutinied against Ransom, Marla betrayed him and helped Seven of Nine, the EMH, and the remaining crew escape to Voyager before the Equinox was destroyed. She has a nephew back in the Alpha Quadrant who is a teenager now, whom she has not seen since he was Naomi Wildman's (relative) age.

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