Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Samantha and Naomi Wildman (Nancy Hower and Scarlett Pomers)

Nancy Hower has portrayed Samantha Wildman since the first season of Voyager. Hower grew up in New Jersey and studied at the noted Julliard school for the arts in New York. She performed in off -Broadway and on Broadway theatre productions until relocating to the West Coast and landing the part of Sam Wildman. She has since appeared on a number of series such as Suddenly Susan, The Center, The Marshall, The Sentinel and Blackout, and co-starred in the UPN movie of the week Adam. In addition to her acting career, Hower is an accomplished musician. She plays guitar and has performed with castmate Tim Russ. She is currently at work on a solo album (her band, Wench, has since broken up). In 2002, Nancy appeared in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway, taking over the role of Yitzak from November 23 through December 19. On stage, she has appeared in The Government Inspector, Anthony and Cleopatra, Why We Have a Body, The Years, As You Like It, and Othello.

Scarlett Pomers is the third actress to portray Naomi Wildman. She first appeared in Once Upon a Time, taking over the role from Brooke Stephens. Pomers has been acting since age three, and has an impressive number of commercial, television, and film credits under her belt for an eleven year old child. Citing Kate Mulgrew as one of her inspirations, Pomers has thoroughly enjoyed her stint on Voyager and hopes to continue for as long as the series will have her. She can be seen in the film Happy Texas opposite William H. Macy, and recently starred on stage opposite Trek alumni Brent Spiner and Rene Auberjenois in the Disney production Geppetto. In 2001, Pomers will co-star in the new WB half hour comedy, Reba as series lead Reba McEntire's 12 year old daughter Kyra Hart. No doubt meant to emulate Sarah Gilbert's sardonic teenager from Roseanne, Kyra is written as "never without a scathingly precocious quip." Production for the new sitcom, which was originally named Sally, then renamed Deep In The Heart and is now simply called Reba to capitalise on McEntire's star power will begin after the country music star concludes her current tour. Reba will premiere in September, 2001.

Ensign Sam Wildman last saw her Ktarian husband Greskrendtrek on DS9 before Voyager left for the Badlands. Unbeknownst to her at the time, she had become pregnant with her first child. She discovered she was pregnant during Elogium, and gave birth to her half-Ktarian daughter Naomi on Stardate 49548. Her daughter died during a foetal transport, but was replace by an identical child from a parallel Voyager. Both Naomis were identical, save for for a few hours time. Sam is head of Voyager's Xenobiology department.

Naomi was only only child born aboard Voyager until Miral Paris. And Naomi wasthe only child aboard Voyager until Icheb, Azan and Rebi, and Mezoti briefly joined the crew. The ship is the only home she has ever known, and she does not really understand why her mother and the rest of the crew wish to return to the Alpha Quadrant so badly. She has as yet expressed no curiosity whatsoever about her father—whom was presumably notified that his wife is alive and he is a father.

Due to genetics, Naomi grows very quickly compared to a fully human child. At the age of seven, she is the mental and physical equivalent of a twelve year old human child. At this rate, it is entirely possible that she will be a mature adult in only another six years.

Naomi has a special bond with Neelix, who reads her bedtime stories when she is afraid to sleep, and of late Naomi has taken to following Seven of Nine around the ship and trying to make herself indispensable to Captain Janeway and has great ambitions of becoming the Captain's assistant someday.

On Stardate 49624 when Voyager was fractured by a chrono-kinetic surge that interacted with the warp core into 37 different time periods, Chakotay met an adult Lt. Naomi Wildman who was serving with an adult Icheb in one possible future. Adult Naomi and Icheb aided Chakotay in returning to the moment Voyager was struck by the surge and preventing the accident from occuring.

On Stardate 54868.6, her godfather Neelix chose to leave Voyager, and the maturing Naomi wished him farewell.

In an alternate future which will now never come to pass, Naomi gave birth to a daughter named Sabrina who was a young child at the time of the the 10th anniversary of the U.S.S. Voyager's triumphant return to Earth after 23 years in the Delta Quadrant.

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