Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks
Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Please fill out form completely!

ARCHIVIST'S NOTE: Please, before you use this form to add a new crewmember, be sure to check the crew manifest first to make certain that the crewmember in question does not already have an entry! 90% of all crew addition forms cover existing entries, so this is very important to save both you, and the archivist precious time.

Please be aware that only the aired episodes of Star Trek: Voyager are canon. Please do not submit crew members from fan fiction, Voyager novels (for the purposes of this archive, Jeri Taylor's novels Mosaic and Pathways are not considered canon), comic books, or any other non-canon source. This crew manifest strives to be a complete record of all identified crew members aboard Voyager during the entire run of the series.

New Crew member Addition/correction to existing entry*

    *For additions/corrections, only the name and gender fields must be filled in, in addition to any new information. Please read the crew manifest carefully to make sure that you are not submitting redundant corrections/additions.
table of episode titles and codes
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