Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Noah Lessing (Rick Worthy)

Screenshot courtesy of Terry Miles
Rick Worthy appeared in Equinox I & II as Noah Lessing. Worthy is best known for his role as town healer Nathan Jackson on the CBS series The Magnificent Seven. Worthy has also previously appeared on Voyager as Automated Personnel Unit 3947/Gravic Commander 122 in Prototype, as well as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Koman in Soldiers of the Empire and as Elloran Officer #1 in Star Trek: Insurrection. A Detroit native, Worthy has a strong theatre, film, and television background.

Noah Lessing was a member of Ransom's senior staff aboard the Equinox. He spent two days trapped beneath a bulkhead and was rescued by Harry Kim and Seven of Nine, whom he referred to as his "Angel of Mercy." Lessing likewise expressed a desire to remain aboard Voyager and cease their illegal and immoral use of the alien lifeforms, however he was convinced by Rudy Ransom to betray Voyager. He was ambushed and captured by Paris and Chakotay while on-planet. Captain Janeway threatened to allow the nucleogenic lifeforms to kill him if he did not reveal the Equinox' tactical status. When he refused, Chakotay saved his life. Lessing told Chakotay about the Ankari, and showed him how to adjust Voyager's sensors to detect a nearby vessel. Lessing has at least one sister, and he used to take her to McKinley Park (presumably in Sacramento, CA) when they were children.

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