Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Ayala (Tarik Ergin)

Tarik Ergin appeared in CCaretaker, Twisted, Tuvix, Basics, Warlord, Worst Case Scenario, The Gift, Prey, Bride of Chaotica, Dark Frontier, Live Fast and Prosper, Fury, Shattered, Repression, and Renaissance Man, as Maquis Lieutenant Ayala, and in "Bride of Chaotica!", he played Satan's Robot. In addition to his role as Lt. Ayala, Ergin has also appeared as Security Officer Lieutenant Coris Sprint in the video game Star Trek: Borg.

Ayala was one of the most trusted members of Chakotay's crew of Maquis resistance fighters. He was assigned to Security/Tactical under Lt. Comdr. Tuvok once the Maquis were conscripted into the Starfleet crew and held the brevet rank of Lieutenant, although he was referred to as "Ensign" in "The Gift", this woudl appear to be an error. He was most often seen on the bridge at the Security station. It was Ayala who introduced Tuvok's "Insurrection Alpha" to Harry Kim. Ayala has an unnamed number of sons back in the Alpha Quadrant, whom he misses terribly. In the first year of Voyager's journey through the Delta Quadrant, Neelix was instrumental in helping Ayala cope with the seperation from his children.

On Stardate 48945.8, Ayala was temporarily left in command by Lt. Comdr. Tuvok when the ship encountered a distortion ring which twisted Voyager like a prezel. On Stardate 54090.4, Ayala was one of the Maquis crewmen brainwashed by a meld with Tuvok under subliminal instructions from Bajoran Vedek Teero. While under Teero's influence, Ayala aided Comdr. Chakotay in affecting a rebellion that allowed the Maquis to take over Voyager's primary operating systems.

By Stardate 54890.7, he has apparently left Security/Tactical, and in command red uniform, was manning the helm on the bridge in Tom Paris' absence.

In fan fiction Ayala's first name is often give as "Michael", however that name has no basis in canon. Having first appeared in Julie Evans's Founding Aurora the name has been used by a number of authors, but is not canonical.

For more information about Ayala, check out Deck 7: Lt. Ayala's Quarters

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