Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Lyndsay Ballard (Kim Rhodes)

Kim Rhodes appeared in Ashes to Ashes as Ensign Lyndsay Ballard/Jhet'leya. A native of Portland, Oregon, Rhodes graduated from Southern Oregon State College with a B.F.A in Acting and went on to earn her masters degree in Fine Arts from Temple University. A certified stage combatatant (quarterstaff, rapier, hand-to-hand and dagger) she used those swashbuckling skills for 10 years on stage (including a stint in APT, a repertory theater in Spring Green Wisconsin, the third largest Shakespeare Festival in the US.) before landing the role of cat burgular Cindy Brooke Harrison on NBC's Another World in 1996, a role she reprised on P&G sister soap As The World Turns. A self-admitted comic book fan (she names Wonder Woman as one of her hereos), she is a voratious reader, enjoys pool, and dancing. She also spent three years working as a veterinarian's assistant. Rhodes recently appeared as Rachel Lipton on AMC's The Lot, and as Eleanor Stark on SciFi Channel's original action/adventure series, Invisible Man.

Lyndsay Ballard was one of Harry Kim's best friends at Starfleet Academy, although Harry made a point of not pursuing her romanically once they were both assigned to Voyager (also, Harry was in a committed relationship with Libby). Lyndsay was killed on Stardate 51563 by the Hirogen while on an away mission with Harry to a Class M planet in the Vyntadi Expanse to recover dilithium ore. Lyndsay was assigned to Engineering, and was well-liked, although she had a reputation for being tardy to her duty shifts.

On stardate 53679.4, Lyndsay Ballard returned to Voyager. Her corpse had been reanimated and genetically altered by the Kobali, a race that procreates by salvaging the dead of other species. Normally, the Kobali have only dim recollections of their kyn'steya (past lives). However, Jhet'leya recalls nearly all of her lfie as Lyndsay (with the notable exception of her father, prof. Ballard). After pretending to have accepted her life as Kobali for two years, she stole a shuttlecraft and spent 6 months searching for Voyager, all the while being pursued by her Kobali father who refuses to give her up. The Doctor altered her appearance (giving her red hair in place of her original unspecified colour) so that she appears human, although physiologically, she is still Kobali, and she tries to resume her life aboard Voyager. However, despite her and Harry's burgeoning romance, she begins to feel like an outcast. When the cosmetic changes to her appearence begin to revert, Lyndsay takes it as an outward sign of her inner struggle. She admits that she is more Kobali than human, and when the Kobali attack Voyager, she agrees to return—this time of her own free will.

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