Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Joe Carey (Josh Clark)

Josh Clark portrayed Carey in Caretaker, Parallax, Prime Factors, State of Flux and reprised his role in Relativity, Fury and Friendship One.

Previously, Clark appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation as the Con Officer in Justice. Clark has an extensive theatre background, and appeared (briefly) in the film Big as the father of Tom Hank's character, and in a number of movies of the week for television . Clark guest-starred on a number of genre television series such as Millennium, Babylon 5,C rusade and Invisible Man.

Lt. Joseph Kevin Carey first appeared in Caretaker and was the chief candidate for Chief Engineer after the death of his superior officer. However, Chakotay convinced Captain Janeway to give the position to ex-Maquis engineer B'Elanna Torres (who, incidentally, had broken Carey's nose because they had a disagreement over how the Engine Room should be run.) Despite a rocky start, Carey became a valued member of Torres' team in Engineering. He was briefly confined to quarters when he fell under suspicion of being a traitor (State of Flux) and did not appear again on-screen until the flashback to Voyager in dry-dock in Relativity.

Carey was married, with a wife and two sons. Their names have not yet been revealed, but Clark has given "Sarah", "Hunter", and "Joe Jr." as the names he would have chosen for his character's family.

On Stardate 54775.4, Joe Carey was killed on an away mission to recover the three hundred year old Earth probe Friendship One. Carey, Paris, and Neelix had been taken hostage by the survivors of an antimatter catastrophe that occured after the probe landed on their planet. They used the probe's data to construct antimatter weapons for defense. They blamed humans for their world being poisoned after their power grid malfunctioned, and when Janeway tried to negotiate the return of the hostages, their leader killed Joe and sent Voyager his body.

Joe had been building a mode of Voyager in a bottle, and had only to add the second nacelle before his death. Chakotay said Joe had often joked that he would never finish it.

In fan fiction Joe has often been paired with Ensign Sam Wildman, however that relationship has no basis in canon. Having first appeared in Claire Daniels's Only the Lonely the relationship has been used by a number of authors, but is not canonical.

Joe has appeared in several Voyager tie-in novels, and most recently in a short story in the third Strange New Worlds anthology from Pocket Books.

To learn more about Josh Clark, check out MAJC: The Official Josh Clark Fan Club Page

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