Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Celes Tal (Zoe McLellan)

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Zoe McLellan appeared in Good Shepherd and The Haunting of Deck Twelve as Crewman Celes. Zoe McLellan has appeared in the films Mr. Holland's Opus, Inventing the Abbotts, had a recurring role as Logan St. Clare (the "evil" Quinn Mallory) on Fox/Sci-Fi's channel series SLIDERS. McLellan can be seen on the big screen in the year 2000 as Marina (the mage of the group and is the love interest of Ridley, Lois & Clark's Justin Whalen) in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons film, based on the popular TSR roleplaying game, as well as in the independent features A Stranger in My House and Stonebrook (opposite Seth Green). A native of Seattle, she recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her career. She particularly enjoys live music, and is currently taking belly dancing classes.

Celes Tal works as a sensor analyst (grade three) in Astrometrics under Seven of Nine. Tal always doubts her abilities to perform the necessary tasks of her job aboard the ship, and her work is checked and rechecked by her co-workers and superiors. She barely squeaked through her Starfleet training courses, and had to work three times as hard as everyone else just to keep up. Celes believes that she made it into Starfleet because it was politically correct and her instructors cut her slack because she was Bajoran. She has extreme difficulty with the sciences—where others see data and algorithms, she sees monsters with fangs and claws that chase her through her nightmares. However, despite her constant fears of inadequacy, she soldiers on—working all night when she has to, in order to complete her daily tasks. Her best friend is Billy Telfer, who frequently talks her through her assignments and coaches her on her maths even as she holds his hand during his bouts of hypochondria.

Note: Like the Chinese and Japanese on Earth, Bajoran naming structure consists of a family name and a personal name in that order (example: Kira Nerys) . The fact that Celes is referred to as Crewman Celes (implying 'Celes' is her family name), and only Billy Telfer calls her Tal (implying 'Tal' is her personal name), for the purposes of this website, she is referred to as Celes Tal, and not Tal Celes.

For more information about Zoe McLellan, check out her bio at and A Zoe McLellan Fan Page

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