Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Vorik (Alexander Enberg)

Alexander Enberg portrays Vorik (and also appeared as a Malon Engineer in Juggernaut), and previously appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation as a reporter in Times Arrow, and Vulcan ensign Taurik in Lower Decks. Enberg has an extensive stage and television career, and is currently appearing on-stage in Los Angeles in a production of "The Swan" at the Pacific Resident Theatre.

Vorik is fastidious Starfleet engineer aboard the U.S.S. Voyager, and one of two Vulcans to survive its cataclysmic arrival in the Delta Quadrant. Prior to his Starfleet career, he had explored the Osana caverns as a youth for many summers and was bonded to an eventual pon farr mate. Within the merged crews of Voyager, Vorik likely trails only Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres and Lt. Joe Carey in engineering expertise.

Unfortunately, Vorik entered his first pon farr ca. SD 50537 aboard the stranded Voyager, far from Vulcan and his intended bride or another Vulcan mate. Believing she would have declared him lost, Vorik declared kunat so'lik with his supervisor, half-Klingon Chief Engineer Torres, and cited her skills, bravery and morality for his declaration. After she declined, and finding no relief in a holographic female and mental disciplines, he initiated a telepathic mating bond with her which unleashed her own Klingon mating urge. Torres fought him briefly in combat after she declined again, but the combat broke the plak tow fever. Vorik finally resumed his duties with no personal damage toward Torres.

During the harassing Devore inspections of 2375, Vorik was among the 3 Vulcans and Betazoids who were suspended in transporter loops to avoid detection.

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