Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Gerron (Kenny Morrison)

Photos courtesy of Kenny Morrison
Kenny Morrison, who portrayed Gerron, is of Irish, Filipino, and Spanish descent. Prior to appearing on Voyager, he portrayed Atreyu in the children's film The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter and had guest-staring roles in a number of popular sitcoms and series of the 1980s. In addition to acting, Kenny is an avid photographer and surfer. He recently recieved Best Actor in a short from the 2001 Method Fest Film Festival for his performance in Bobby Starr (which he wrote and directed). His most recent feature film is first time writer and director Eric Faith's Triples, in which he plays Michael. To see examples of his photography, go to Nardulli and

Gerron appeared in the first season episode Learning Curve. Maquis, Bajoran, and—at the time, all of 20 years old—young, Chakotay suggested Gerron for the training field maneouvres designed by Lt. Tuvok to instill Starfleet training and discipline in select former Maquis crewmembers, in the hopes that leadership skills he learns will help the shy Bajoran feel more confident. Gerron almost died during a ship-wide malfunction during said training. Tuvok saved his life (albeit after placing in jeopardy in the first place) and that was the last sign of Gerron on Voyager.

By the series end, Gerron would be approximately 27 years old. He wears his Bajoran earring only when off-duty (Tuvok was very clear on the point of "out of uniform" despite Picard's lack-of-response to despite Ro Laren wearing same). He has no personal name on record (following Bajoran naming patterns, Gerron is his family name). In fan fiction he has often been paired with both Meghan Delaney, however that relationship has no basis in canon. Having first appeared in LJC's Shared Pain, Shared Joy both the relationship, and the personal name Tem have been used by a number of authors, but are not canonical.

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