Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

The Borg Children

The Borg Children are Icheb, Mezoti, and Azan and Rebi.

Manu Intiraymi, Kurt and Cody Wetherill, and Marley S. McClean portray the four Borg children in Collective, Ashes to Ashes, Child's Play, the Haunting of Deck Twelve, and Imperfection.

Manu Intiraymi has appeared in the films Go, Senseless, and the upcoming teen comedy Whatever It Takes alongside Colin Hanks, as well as televisions series JAG, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and King of Queens. Kurt and Cody Wetherill played twins Mitchell and Michael Loring in the original pilot of Safe Harbour. Marley McClean appeared in the films The Slums of Beverly Hills and Pete's Garden, the made-for-cable drama if These Walls Could Talk 2 as Maggie Hedley, and had a guest starring role on the now-defunct The Magnificent Seven.

Icheb, Mezoti, Azan and Rebi were the only survivors when a spaceborne virus attacked their cube, killing all the adult drones aboard. The virus never reached the developing drones because Mezoti and the others they were protected within the maturation chambers. Malfunctions caused by the deaths of the adults led several chambers to open prematurely. The children held Chakotay, Kim, Paris and Neelix hostage and attempted to blackmail Voyager into giving them the ship's deflector dish so that they could contact the Borg and return to the Collective. However, Seven of Nine discovered that The Collective had received and ignored their previous distress call and severed them from the hive mind, because the collective declared the neonatal Drones irrelevant and damaged. The children's implants were removed, and they are now under the supervision of Seven of Nine.

Icheb is the eldest and therefore de-facto leader of the children. He has a passionate love of astronomy and physics, and is a skilled engineer with aspirations of a permanent posting in the Astrometrics Lab. He has no memories of his life prior to being assimilated by the Borg. He was genetically engineered from birth to generate the pathogen that killed all the adult drones aboard the cube that assimilated him, and Voyager rescued him when his parents left him sedated and adrift in a shuttle, as bait for the Borg. Seven of Nine is particularly fond of him. Azan and Rebi are identical twins, and can communicate with one another via a neural link. Eight year old Mezoti is the youngest, and most spirited child of the group, wilfully disobeying Seven of Nine, and has forged a tentative bond with Harry Kim. She likes bugs.

On Stardate 54014.4, Azan and Rebi were reunited with their people, and Mezoti chose to leave Voyager with them. Icheb, however, remains on board and is currently studying to take the Starfleet Academy Training Exam (apparently as a correspondence course). He wants to work on the bridge.

On Stardate 49624 when Voyager was fractured by a chrono-kinetic surge that interacted with the warp core into 37 different time periods, Chakotay met an adult Icheb who was serving with an adult Lt. Naomi Wildman in one possible future. Adult Icheb and Naomi aided Chakotay in returning to the moment Voyager was struck by the surge and preventing the accident from occuring. (Sha) While working in Engineering with Seven of Nine, Icheb witnessed Lt. Torres almost faint, and scanning her with a standard issue tricorder, he mistook her unborn child for a parasite. Once Seven realised B'Elanna was pregnant, according to Neelix word spread from Icheb to the rest of the crew regarding the newlyweds impending parenthood.

On Stardate 54704.5, Icheb befriended Q, Q's son who spent a week aboard Voyager in human form. Q referred to Icheb as "Itchy", while Icheb responded in kind, called him "Q-Ball." When Q stole the Delta Flyer through a spatial flexure to go for a joy ride Icheb was mortally wounded by a Chokuzan cruiser. Q begged his father Q to heal Icheb, and when Q refused, Q took the Flyer back through the rift to formally apologise to the Chokuzan, and offer himself in exchange for information on the Chokuzan weapon that harmed Icheb so that the Doctor might heal the young Brunali. Impressed by his son's willingness to sacrifice himself to save his friend, Q revealed that he had been the Chokuzan who fired upon the vessel, and healed Icheb. The two parted on good terms.

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