Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

The Delaney Sisters (Heidi and Alissa Kramer)

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Heidi and Alissa Kramer appeared in Thirty Days as Meghan and Jenny Delaney. Like many twins, the Kramers have appeared as Doublemint Twins. Most recently, they appeared as Tatianna and Brianna in the E! Original Movie Best Actress, and as Mona and Dominique on the MTV series Undressed. Bio forthcoming.

The Delaney Sisters first appeared (off screen) in the first season episode Time and Again. Tom Paris tried to convince a then-reluctant Harry Kim to go out with Jenny Delaney, because the sisters did everything as a pair and Tom wished to go out with Meghan Delaney (who was not named until The Chute). The sisters were referred to again in dialogue in Prime Factors, as B'Elanna and Seska teased Harry about fleeing the "voracious" Jenny Delaney and falling out of a gondola on the holodeck. While feverish in The Chute, Tom dreamed that he was on a picnic with Meghan. The twins finally appeared on-camera in Thirty Days in Tom Paris' Captain Proton programme as the Twin Mistresses of Evil, Demonica and Malicia. It was also revealed that while Jenny carries a torch for Harry, Harry prefers Meghan. Tom teased Harry once again, and referred to Meghan as just another in a long line of impossible women Harry courts in vain.

Meghan and Jenny were first identified as working in Stellar Cartography. Presumably that over-worked department has been either merged with or works parallel to Astrometrics. Although they are presumed to be Starfleet personnel, their individual ranks are as-yet unknown.

In fan fiction Meghan has often been paired with Bajoran crewman Gerron, however that relationship has no basis in canon. Having first appeared in LJC's Shared Pain, Shared Joy the relationship has been used by a number of authors, but is not canonical.

To learn more about Stellar Cartography, check out The Daystrom Institute of Technology

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